Metamaterial: Invisible Cloak Technology

May 25, 2006

invisible.jpgYou know that the source article is going to be nerdy when the first sentence references Harry Potter. Scientists in the UK and US are working on a new "metamaterial" that will be the foundation for rendering objects completely invisible. Metamaterial can bend electromagnetic radiation (radio waves, visible light, microwaves, etc.) in any direction, and if tuned right, the material could bend the radiation in such a way that it would simply flow around the material, appearing as if the radiation had never bumped into anything at all. Scientists are currently working on a microwave-bending version of the material that they hope will lead to an implementable version that manipulates the other forms of electromagnetic radiation. The research is being supported by DARPA, which really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. In fact, I find it more surprising that they aren't trying to invent an invisible robot lobster or an invisible tentacle monster. It's like they're not even trying anymore.


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