Intelligent Robot Scarecrow

May 18, 2006

scarecro.jpgStudents at the University of South Florida have created a computer-powered scarecrow to protect fish farms from predatory birds. The scarecrow uses an internet-enabled camera and imaging software to scan for the presence of birds, and if any are found, it will sound alarms or fire bursts of water in their direction. If the camera picks up a bright orange color, the alarms are deactivated, so farmers can simply don an orange hunting vest when they to want to safely access the scarecrow. The scarecrow can even send text messages or emails to the farmer to alert him/her of various bird-related happenings. The scarecrow technology is still in its juvenile phase, and it won't be feasible for large farms until the "scarecrow can move around regularly." It will be a sad day when farmers are trapped in their houses because they can't escape the harassment of a roaming mechanical bird watcher. Then, when the farmhouse "accidentally" catches on fire with the farmer inside, it definitely won't be the robot's fault. How can you blame a scarecrow for a fire?


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