Insbots Robots Change Roach Behaviors

May 10, 2006

insbot.jpg Researchers have recently succeeded in controlling groups of cockroaches with insect-like robots known as "insbots." The insbots are mobile cubic robots around the size of a thumbnail, and they use infrared and light sensors to guide their way. Before they enter the presence of cockroaches, they are coated with roach pheromones to ease their transition into the group. In testing, the roaches interacted with the insbots and eventually followed the insbots' movements, even if the movements were contrary to the group's common behavior. It's obvious that the researchers are planning to use this technology to create an off-broadway production of 1996's Joe's Apartment. Although, training roaches to sing and dance won't be as hard as convincing Jerry O'Connell to star; I know for a fact that he's a busy man.


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