Honda's Brain Machine Interface

May 24, 2006

head.jpgThe Honda and Advanced Telecommunications Research Institutes have developed a new "Brain Machine Interface" that uses brain signals to control robots. This technology is based on research that has shown an MRI-based tracking of responses in the brain can be decoded by a computer in approximate realtime with an 85% accuracy rate. In tests, a human subject would be placed in an MRI scanner and make a "rock," "paper," or "scissors" hand gesture. The specific brain signals generated by the subject during this process would be decoded by a computer program and transferred to a hand-shaped robot that would recreate the original gesture performed by the subject. Let me get this straight, not only do you have to sit in an MRI and be subjected to a powerful magnetic field for this interface to work, but you also give away your rock-paper-scissors strategy to the robot? How will mankind fare when our robot adversaries know our most intimate forms of warfare? Rock, rock, scissors. Rock, rock, scissors. It was practically unbeatable!


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