Hit-Air Airbag Safety Vest

May 16, 2006

hit-air.jpgThe Hit-Air is an airbag vest and jacket line that's designed to protect horseback, motorcycle, ATV, and camel riders when they are thrown from their animal or vehicle. The vest is tethered to the vehicle or animal by a coiled wire, and when the rider and vehicle/animal are separated, a pin is pulled and the vest inflates in less than a second. The inflated vests provides impact protection for the rider's spine, rib cage, and vital organs, and it is guaranteed to completely freak out the horse in the process. The vest is helpful for rider safety, but it's obvious that the main use will be to provide instant muscles when it's time to impress the ladies. I don't know why they aren't marketing it as such. "Pull the pin and the muscles grow in." The advertising campaign practically writes itself.


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