Gryphon Personal Wing System

May 31, 2006

gryphon1.jpgThe Gryphon is a new parachute system designed by ESG, an electronics and logistics house in Germany. The Gryphon lets skydivers glide through the air at high speeds, giving them significant range in comparison to traditional parachutists. Skydivers using the system have the opportunity to glide 25 miles from the plane they exited, although a parachute is still required for the landing portion of the flight. ESG is currently developing small turbo jets for the Gryphon to increase the range of the system and permit lower altitude take-offs. I have to say the #1 Rule of Badness is to add jets to your product. Add a jet to your car? Jet Car. Much cooler. Add a jet to your cat? Future Cat. Way cool. Best Cat in the Neighborhood.


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