Glabenator: Forehead Communication

May 22, 2006

apurv.jpg The Glabenator is Apurv Mishra's award-winning entry in the ISEF-International Science and Engineering Fair, the world's largest "pre-college scientific research-based competition." The Glabenator provides an alternative way for physically-challenged and quadriplegic individuals to communicate by using the basic movements of two muscles in the forehead. Patients who are unable to move most of their body can use the Glabenator to scroll through a menu of common sayings that, when selected, will be voiced through a nearby speaker. Apurv has suggested that the Glabenator can be applied to other fields of use and expects it to cost no more than $35. Unfortunately, for only $35, I can see the Glabenator becoming popular for the extremely lazy. Soon every conversation with your unemployed roommate will devolve into him saying "can you strap that weird plastic thing to my face? I want to use my forehead to better convey this point."


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