Eye-Fi Wifi SD Cards

May 1, 2006

eyefi.jpgEye-Fi is a new product that will add wifi connectivity to most digital cameras. Eye-Fi is a specially designed SD-card that contains both storage and a wifi module built in. The basic idea of wifi in cameras is to create an easier way to transfer pictures from the camera to the computer, eliminating the need for a USB cable or card adapter. The Eye-Fi carries this idea further by enabling the user to upload pictures to a web-base photo website (like Flikr) from any wireless hotspot. This benefits users because they can free up space on their memory card by dumping their pictures to the web anytime the find a hotspot. It should be available by the end of the year for around $100, and greatly increase the chance that one of your friends will "accidentally" upload more personal pictures of himself dressed in his "teddy bear bondage" costume to the Internet.


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