Electronic Curtains Change Opacity

May 30, 2006

electronic-curtain-window-shade.jpgMicro Reactor System Co. is a Japanese company that specializes in "electronic curtains" that alternate between translucent and opaque states depending on whether or not they're powered by an electrical current. The curtains are constructed by dispersing liquid crystal molecules between two panels of plastic, which allow the curtains to be relatively thin and flexible. The color of the opaque mode can be chosen from a variety of different colors. and the curtains should be available later this year for between $267 and $445 per square meter. These curtains might not be worthwhile window shades if the police already think that you're flashing the senior citizen center across the street from your apartment, since having a power outage drop the shades when you're in the middle of your naked morning "yoga session" won't help anything whatsoever.


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