DARPA Robotic Limb for Amputee Soldiers

May 26, 2006

nasa_arm.jpgDARPA, DARPA, DARPA. According to a press release by the University of Utah, DARPA is funding a program at the university to create a bionic arm. If development proceeds as planned, the artificial arm will have the properties of a biological limb and be used to "revolutionize prosthetic devices for amputee soldiers." The University of Utah is currently developing and testing an implantable device that will rely nerve impulses back and forth between the residual limb the artificial one, permitting the user to control the arm with his/her brain and the artificial arm to send the brain data from touch and location sensors. The researchers may also increase the strength of the arm to super hero-like proportions, so wearers can crush bank vaults and smash armored cars with simple movements. When asked why they would add such a feature, the researchers would only reply with "why not?"
(Image of NASA robot hand)


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