Cell Phone Iris Scanner

May 24, 2006

iris.jpg Xvista, a UK-based biometrics company, has developed the first portable iris scanner that's small enough to be used in cellular phones. The system offers an accurate and secure method of checking identities by using a mobile phone camera to capture the iris of the user and compare it to a database of over 1,000,000 iris templates. It takes only one second to verify an individual's iris, and the chances of two individual's irises matching is approximately one in seven billion. It's a good feeling to know that in addition to people haphazardly talking on their cell phone while they speed down the highway, they'll also be completely obstructing their view while they scan their irises. That's great. I can only hope that the next cell phone invention somehow requires people to close their eyes for two minutes while they kick their feet about wildly.


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