BAAL Off-Road Treaded Concept

May 15, 2006

This year's "Michelin Challenge Design" asked designers to create vehicle concepts targeted at the "California market." The treaded off-road racer Baal and its accompanying two-seater Hyanide top the list as two of the most interesting entries. The Baal's flexible rubber track gives the vehicle tank-like traction and speed, and the track's position on the vehicle allows for various types and sizes of engines. The vehicle is steered by both the hands and the feet, which was a specific attempt by the designers to make the Baal's handling "more interesting." Keep in mind that it's only a concept, so until the day comes when you can actually crush your rib cage while hopping your Baal through a creek bed, you'll just have to stick to repeatedly riding your neighbor's Segway off your roof.


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