Apple and Nike Partnership

May 23, 2006

nike%2Bipod.jpgOne of the biggest news announcements today was Nike and Apple's partnership with the launch of Nike+iPod products. The product line will be initiated with the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, which provides wireless communication between a transmitter placed in special Nike shoes and an iPod nano, transferring exercise information like speed, distance, and calories burned instantly to the nano's screen. The system will also provide audible feedback and updates through the headphones, removing the need to look at a screen during a run. When the nano is synchronized with the computer afterwards, it automatically updates current workout information with previous exercise statistics, producing a detailed and robust workout journal that can be shared with other runners online. Everyone who has an iPod is not a runner, and Apple realizes this. That's why they've also announced the Nike+Sloth product line, which will track how many naps you take in a day, the total weight of donuts consumed, and the number of Oreo Double Stufs that you can fit in your mouth at one time. Which partnership will be more profitable? Only time will tell.


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