Thought-Based Passwords

April 27, 2006

thoughtlock.jpgWith the ever-increasing amount of technology that is trying to get inside your head comes the idea to retrieve passwords directly from your brain. The proposed system is based around using brain-wave signatures as "pass-thoughts," which are supposedly unique to each individual. These "pass-thoughts" could be anything from a "snatch of song, a memory of your last birthday, or even the image of your favorite painting." The benefit of this system over that of finger print or iris scanners is that people would be able to change their passwords periodically, greatly reducing the black market value of your severed eye and finger. They are still working on a machine that can comfortably isolate "pass-thoughts" from a distance, so until then, I'll continue to get my passwords tattooed on my lower lip.


  • Justin

    "I would like to know who liked this post" that would be my password at this very moment because i lack imagination.

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