This guy made an automatic charger for his Tesla

June 15, 2021


Using a Raspberry Pi 4 and some machine learning, Pat Larson created this automatic charger for his Tesla. In 2015 Tesla released a video of a snake charger prototype that would also automatically charge your car, but that one looked like it would murder or rape you when you fell asleep. This one seems a bit less functional but is able to do the job and looks like you'd be able to fight it off if it started getting murdery or rapey.

Keep going for the full video as well as a video of Tesla's original snake charger prototype.

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Solar eclipse captured mid-flight

June 14, 2021

This is a solar eclipse captured mid-flight. I'm not sure what it does for the flat Earth movement, but it's doing a whole lot for the Godamn the World is Stunning movement. It's almost as beautiful as the time I witnessed a giraffe peeing and then another giraffe bend down and start licking it. Ah, the majesty of nature.

Transformation of a Japanese Larch Bonsai Tree

June 14, 2021


This is a wonderfully relaxing and satisfying video of Bucky Barnes shaping a Japanese Larch bonsai tree over the course of a year.

Bucky Barnes returns to document the designing, pruning, carving and shaping of a Japanese Larch bonsai tree.

I had no idea so much planning went into shaping a Bonsai tree. Everything I know I know from The Karate Kid and I thought they basically just cut it until it looked pretty. Which is kind of what's happening, but with 100x more forethought than I realized. This guy put more planning into shaping that little tree than I did when remodeling my house. And by "remodeling my house" I mean swapping out the cardboard box I live in.

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Trick shots with a rope dart thing like out of Mortal Kombat

June 11, 2021


This is a video of a guy performing trick shots with a dart attached to a rope like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. And if you're wondering, the official name for this weapon is, um, the rope dart. After watching the video I thought about attempting to do some trick shots of my own but decided I didn't feel like getting accidentally stabbed by a rope dart today.

Keep going for the full video. My only recommendation is next time the guy actually dress like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat and maybe replace the targets with people dressed like Sub-Zero. What's a little murder for the sake of YouTube?

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Bo Burnham's 'White Woman's Instagram' from his Netflix special 'Inside'

June 11, 2021


This is Bo Burnham's White Woman Instagram song from his Netflix special Inside. I already posted Bo Burnham's Welcome to the Internet video, but he's a one man content machine and I can't help but support the man. I feel like eventually I'll just be posting the entire Netflix special in pieces as it's uploaded to YouTube and I 100% have no problem with that. Again, Bo did everything you see in this video by himself, alone, while in lockdown during the pandemic. That means writing the music, performing the music, filming himself, editing the video, and literally everything else besides lay down the infrastructure for the Internet that you're using to watch it.

Keep going for the video and then watch his special on Netflix. Again, this isn't a paid sponsorship, it's just really, really, really good. Although if you're not into the two videos I've posted it's probably not for you.

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Turns out this person's nanny is a Predator

June 9, 2021


This person's security camera "captured" footage of their nanny and turns out they're a Predator. No, not that kind of predator, a Predator like from the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. Which I guess doesn't preclude them from being the other kind of predator, but this is mostly about being invisible and not Chris Hansen entering the room.

Keep going for the security cam footage.

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Father of the year builds Disneyland's Star Tours in his garage for daughter's birthday

June 9, 2021


Clearly out to make every other dad on the planet feel like a complete loser, this guy built a functioning Star Tours ride in his garage for his daughter's Disneyland themed birthday party.

This is a homemade Disneyland Star Tours attraction built for my daughter's Disneyland themed birthday party at our house.

It's the original 1987 version of Star Tours featuring the glorious Paul Reubens (Pee-wee Herman) as the rookie pilot Capt. Rex. It's his first flight and he's still getting used to his programming.

Back in the fall of 2019 my daughter Indy requested a Disneyland themed party at our house for her birthday in April. We built a couple of attractions for it but due to Covid when her birthday came around we had to shelve everything and postpone the party until 2021.

This past April, a full year and a half after she made the initial request we were finally able to do Disneyland at home for Indy's birthday. This is the Star Tours portion of the party.

I've scrubbed through the video a few times and I'm still not entirely sure how the ride is functioning. I can't tell if it's actually on some sort of gimbal system or if they just have adults manually moving the whole thing. Either way it's incredibly impressive and excessive and pretty much a middle finger to every other parent in that neighborhood. Can you imagine being this guy's neighbor? Better start saving up for your kid's therapy sessions because there's no way you're not a disappointment compared to this guy.

Keep going for the full video before the Disney lawyers issue the cease and desist and then sue this family into oblivion.

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