these beats are so fresh

Gonzo & Muppet Gang Perform The Humpty Dance

This is a video of Muppet footage edited by Mylo The Cat to make the characters appear to perform Digital Underground's 'Humpty Dance' (previously: the Beastie Boys'...
April 2, 2015

Yes I'm A Doctor!: Stethoscope Headphones

Scalpel! I honestly can't believe these weren't invented earlier but they probably were and I just never heard about them because nobody keeps me in the loop....
February 16, 2011

Daft Punk's TRON-Inspired Music Video

This is the video for Daft's Punk's first single, 'Derezzed', off the TRON: Legacy soundtrack. It's pretty badass. The song too. Almost enough to make me forget...
December 8, 2010