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Video Of Wild Cat Riding Rare Black Rhino In Africa


This is a video of a genet (not actually a cat, just CATLIKE) catching a ride on an endangered black rhino in Africa. The video also contains several still pictures of genets riding other rhinos and buffaloes. It serves as proof that genets, despite their seemingly small size, have infinitely bigger balls than I do because you will never see me trying to climb on the back of a rhino outside of World of Warcraft.

Keep going for the video, then daydream about having your own exotic mount to ride into battle.

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Leave It Alone: Video Comparison Of All The Changes Made To The Original Star Wars Trilogy


These are four videos (A New Hope is two parts) detailing all the changes George 'I'll Do What I Want' Lucas made to the original Star Wars trilogy after they were already released. Most of the changes are pretty minor, like adding an alien in the background, and almost all are entirely unnecessary. If I had any more energy I would get angry but I don't have any energy so I'm not going to. Plus my therapist says I need to focus on letting my anger go. He said if I try to choke him one more time he'll have no choice but to refer me to somebody else which would suck because I feel like we're just getting to know each other.

Keep going for almost an hour of footage. Pretend like you're working and get paid to watch it!

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Whee!: First Person POV Of An Out Of Control Bouncy Ball


This is 'Ballin' Out Of Control', a short film imagining a first person perspective of a super bouncy ball bouncing out of control through the city. It was very cleverly filmed, although I imagine a REAL first-person perspective of a bouncy ball would be a lot faster and way more sickening. Just saying, I started the video camera on my phone once and threw it on my bed to see what the footage would look like then puked twice trying to watch it.

Keep going for the video.

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Needs More Brains: Walking Dead Gets An Official Beer


The Walking Dead has teamed up with Terrapin Beer Co. in Georgia to produce an officially licensed Walking Dead inspired beer (previously: this unlicensed Walking Dead inspired beer brewed with actual brains). The 6.7% alcohol blood orange IPA will be available in 22oz bottles and on draft wherever Terrapin beers are sold. I just bought a case. No, no I didn't. I just walked to the corner store and bought two 40s. Meet me on my porch.

Interestingly, the beer's logo matches The Walking Dead comic books and not the TV series. You've seen Terrapin Beer on the show itself. It has been featured along with several other craft breweries, in the form of labeled boxes in abandoned shops and bars.

I guess it's Walking Dead inspired because it's brewed with BLOOD oranges. That is a pretty weak connection. Like a Game Of Thrones beer brewed with dragon fruit. If I were brewing a Walking Dead beer it would look and taste like actual blood. Plus have chunks of rotting meat in it. I guess that's why nobody's offering to let me brew a Walking Dead beer.

All The Music And Sound Effects In Super Mario 3 Created Using Different Musical Instruments


This is a video of the Samuraiguitarist (previously: a Bluegrass Game Of Thrones cover) using various instruments to perform all the music and sound effects for Super Mario 3. Hey -- everybody needs a hobby. You know what I like to do in my spare time? Spare time, LOL, I'm doing three jobs right now. "Geekologie and two handjobs?" Haha, very funny but yes.

Keep going for the video.

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Living The Dream: Tiny Owl Enjoying His Bath In A Sink


This are several videos of Trude the owl bathing in a sink full of water. Apparently Trude loves bath time, and I can't say I blame him. When I'm in the shower is one of the few times of the day I'm actually able to be happy and relaxed for a couple minutes. Unfortunately, with the drought here in California, it really is only a couple minutes. It's hard to enjoy yourself when you're wondering if fish are just flopping around in mud and frogs are turning crispy.

Keep going for several videos of my dream world.

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But I Asked For A Sword: The Balloon Dog Lamp


This is the Balloon Dog Light available from Firebox (plus maybe other places -- searching for the best deal is 2/3 the fun of internet shopping!). It looks like the balloon dog a clown might twist at a kid's birthday party. Do kids even have clowns at their birthday parties anymore? I'm out of touch. The balloon dog is actually made out of soft silicone rubber, takes two AA batteries, and is operated by squeezing the front paw. I also heard through the grapevine that it can double as a sex toy in a pinch. Just kidding, there was no grapevine, that's just my personal opinion (start with the tail).

Keep going for a couple closeups.

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Burn Baby, Burn: Beautiful Ash-Covered Smoldering Roses


These are several photos of a smoldering rose bouquet that's been covered in ash. It looks like a scene straight out of God Of War. It's not though, it's a real picture. I don't know, something to do with dreams or something. A quote that reads like a way-too-long motivational poster:

We all dream sometimes, about something we want to have or do. Luckily, if we have enough patience, a real willingness and at least a pinch of determination we are able to make our dream come true. Our experience has also taught us to have the best and the right people beside you, because they are the main ingredient of every success. So this time we wanted to share with you guys a result of an idea and a great cooperation to make it real. "The Ash" - came to our minds as a simple thought - glowing roses - maybe as a some kind of symbol or maybe as a simple whim.

Man, I wish I dreamed of things I want to have or do. But nooooooo, I always dream about being chased and killed. You know how they say if you die in a dream you also die in real life? Well that's a lie because I've died in dozens of dreams and I'm still alive. Or am I? I've always speculated I might be a ghost, but I'm probably just a really shitty computer program.

Keep going for a couple more shots.

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