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Ghostbusters Music Video With No Music Is Weird


♫ Bustin' makes me feel good ♫

This is an abbreviated version (they cut out all the clips from the movie and the celebrity cameos, including Chevy Chase and George Bluth Sr.) of Ray Parker Jr.'s 1984 music video for Ghostbusters with the song removed and realistic sound effects added. It was awkward to watch. Like seeing a friend try to hit on somebody that's way out of their league but you encouraged them to do it anyways to teach them a lesson about rejection and the resulting depression.

Keep going for the video, as well as the original.

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The Future, Now: Scientists Create Night Vision Eye Drops


And the process doesn't look Clockwork Orange-y at all!

A group of amateur scientists have developed an eye drop that can allow night vision up to 50-meters. The eye drop contains the Chlorin e6 (not to be confused with chlorine, which will burn your eyeballs out), a molecule found in deep sea fish that improves vision in low-light environments. Ninjas: they just became even deadlier.

The effect was apparently almost instantaneous and, after an hour, he was able to distinguish shapes from 10 metres away in the dark and soon at even greater distances.

"We had people go stand in the woods," Licina said, "At 50 metres, I could figure who they were, even if they were standing up against a tree."

The control group without Ce6 were only able to pick out the objects a third of the time, while Licina's success was 100 per cent.

The effect of the chemical only lasted for a few hours and the test subject's eyesight returned to normal the next day.

Awesome, I just squirted enough night vision juice in my eyeballs to be able to see in the dark for the rest of my life. No more turning the lights on for middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom or refrigerator! Have I told you one time I sleepily peed in the refrigerator? Because that's true and my sister and her husband haven't had me back to visit since.

Keep going for a shot of what treated eyeballs look like. SPOILER: Freaky deaky.

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Dressing Yourself: Weatherman Realizes He Left Coat Hanger In Suit, Pulls It Out On-Air


Because Mondays, amirite?

This is a video of Minneapolis meteorologist/man whose mother should still dress him Steve Frazier realizing he left the wire hangar in his suit, and pulling it out during a live broadcast. It is arguably one of the worst magic tricks I've ever seen. How he didn't realize he had a hanger in his suit earlier is beyond me. Of course, I accidentally put on a pair of boxers once with my roommate still in them, so I probably shouldn't be talking.

Keep going for the video, then go back to bed.

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Freaky Deaky: Cat Walking While Panoramic Picture Being Taken Creates Centipede Cat


This is the attempted panoramic living room shot that Redditor FallenCoffee took while his cat walked across the room. The result? Centipede cat. I thought that Pringles can on the coffee table was a bong at first. It looks like the middle section of that cat is going to need some more legs or it's going to develop back problems. I have back problems. I have front problems too. Hell, I have all the problems. At least everything on WebMD. You know what my doctor told me the last time I went for a checkup? 'What do you want from me?! I'm a doctor not an undertaker.' That's when I tried to kick him but got so weak mid-swing I wound up playing footsie with his balls.

Thanks to Melissa, who agrees somebody should try doing the same thing with a wiener dog for MAXIMUM LENGTH TO LEG RATIO.

Clever: Seattle's Water-Activated Street Art And Games


These are the Rainworks street art and games created in Seattle using stencils and water-repellant spray. For those of you who were unaware, Seattle is notorious for its rain. Here in Southern California? Not so much. Apparently we're supposed to run out of water in like a year. They made it a law that you have to ASK for water in restaurants or they won't bring it to you. Plus if the police see you wasting water they will shoot you on sight. The last time I tried to take a shower nothing but dust came out. You ever tried scrubbing your balls with dust before? Don't even bother.

Keep going for several more pics and a video.

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Man Turns Birthmarks On Arm Into Imaginary World Map


This is a series of pictures of Redditor Mneneon, who traced the edges of the birthmarks on his hand and arm with a fine-tipped pen to resemble a map of an imaginary world. It's pretty beautiful. I wasn't born with any birthmarks, but I do have this mole on my ass. "Pretty sure that's a dingleberry, you need to learn how to wipe." Haha, yeah, I was wondering why it goes away sometimes.

Keep going for several more shots of Righthandia.

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Bad Time For A Swim: Video Of 100's Of Sharks Migrating


This is a video taken from an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico of hundreds of sharks migrating north into Louisiana waters. It's believed the sharks are either blacktip or spinner sharks, neither of which pose a significant risk to humans. There have only been about 55 documented attacks in total by both species (15 of which were provoked), only one of which was fatal. Still, you wouldn't find me jumping in there as soon as the lifeguard blew the whistle for adult swim. *removing arm floaties* Screw it, I'm hitting up the snack-bar. "This is an oil rig, not a public swimming pool -- there is no snack bar." Screw it, I'm gonna bribe the helicopter pilot with a handy to fly me back to dry land.

Keep going for the video.

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Rocks Glasses Look Like Rocks, Are Really Glass


This is the series of four 'On The Rocks' glasses available from UncommonGoods ($48 for the set). Each 13oz glass is wrapped with a photorealistic closeup of a different kind of stone taken by photographer Barry Rosenthal. If dropped, they will still shatter though, because they're glass and not rock. Alternatively, carve your own cup out of actual rock. That's what I'm going to do. And if that cup happens to be carved from the penis of Michelangelo's David, well, that's the plan.

Thanks to chichi, who is only allowed to drink out of sippy cups because spills.