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Man Gets Blue Screen Of Death, Takes Computer Into Back Alley And Shoots 8 Times


A Colorado man was charged with the unlawful discharge of a firearm after taking his Dell XPS 410 into a back alley and sending 8 bullets through it after it blue screen of deathed on him. 37-year old Lucas Hinch told police he was "fed up with fighting his computer for several months," presumably blaming the machine for all the p0rn viruses and pop-up ads. Damn bro, you should have called the Geek Squad! Just kidding, you should have blindfolded it and hung it by it's cooling fan off a twelve-story building. Then cut the rope. That's how you let your next computer know you mean business.

Keep going for a screencap of the police blotter.

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How To: Make Your Own Rainbow Unicorn Cookies That Poop Candy Stars


This is an instructional video created by Elise of My Cupcake Addiction showing you how to make your own 3D Rainbow Unicorn Pinata Cookies that poop candy stars (or sprinkles or whatever the hell else you can fit in them). Personally, i don't like cookies that poop. That is MY JOB. Full disclosure: I ate a whole package of those new Reece's Peanut Butter Cup Oreos between dessert last night and lunch today. I regret it. Jk jk, I only regret not buying two packages because I've still got a whole gallon of milk and nothing to dunk in it. "You should dunk--" DON'T GO THERE. "Your--" I SAID DON'T GO THERE. "Balls in it." You went there. Also I would but then they'd stick to the sheets when I go to bed tonight and attract bugs.

Keep going for the video tutorial.

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( o ) ( o ) And 8======D : A Sexting Infographic


This is an infographic about sexting created by adult toy store Adam & Eve from anonymously submitted surveys completed by customers. I can't help but feel like their numbers are off. Only 31% of people admit to texting? I mean, I guess that could be accurate provided the other 69% (UH UH UH UH UH!) are liars. You're buying dildos and lube and can't admit to sexting? If you have a phone that can text you have sexted before and that is just a fact.

Me: Hey baby, your tts make my boner boner.
GF: Huh?
GF: Why are you texting, WE'RE IN THE SAME BED.
Me: I'm awkward in person.
GF: Fine, touch my butt.
Me: How does that feel?
GF: That feels like my calf.

I'm kind of a natural. Hit the jump for the whole long-ass info graphic.

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Amazing Big Trouble In Little China Tattoo Sleeve


This is the ultra-impressive Big Trouble In Little China themed arm sleeve being tattooed by Paul Acker (links to his Facebook gallery with a ton of other tattoo pics), owner of Deep Six Tattoo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It's got Jack Burton, Wang Chi, Egg Chen, Gracie Law in cloudy-eye marriage garb, the Three Storms, David Lo Pan, and that terrifying floating meatball with all the eyes. As far as I can tell it does not include Jack's tractor trailer the Pork Chop Express. That would be a must for me if I was getting a Big Trouble In Little China Tattoo. And I want it positioned so it looks like it's about to drive between my buttcheeks. Yeah, and I want you to be able to see Jack Burton in the window with his arm up like he's just about to blow the horn. How cool would that be? "You need help." The check is in the mail. "Huh?" It's all in the reflexes.

Keep going for a bunch more shots of the tattoo's progression. It's still not finished.

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Oh....Wow....Okay: Sexy Admiral Ackbar Cosplay


Inb4 It's a trap.

This is a shot taken by Grant Imahara (of Mythbusters fame) of his girlfriend Jenny Newman cosplaying as Admiral Ackbunny, a mashup between Admiral Ackbar and a Playboy Bunny. definitely something you don't see every day. Or ever expect to even once in your life. Yet here we are. "I feel weird." Haha, I know you do. Let's just pretend this never happened. "But what should I do with this?" Your boner? Just break it off and flush it down the toilet, it's no good anymore.

Keep going for a couple more shots, including one with the head off.

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Stackable Cross-Section Brain Specimen Drink Coasters


These are the brain specimen drink coasters available from ThinkGeek ($20 for set of 10). Each coaster looks like a different cross section cut from a brain, and stacked resemble a whole brain. Me? I only operate with a quarter of a brain. "You're being generous." I probably am, it's definitely not the part of the brain that's good with fractions. *peeing pants* Or self control.

Keep going for a couple more shots. Then come over and let's make cocktails.

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To The Gold!: Quadruple Rainbow Spotted In New York


Note: Larger version HERE in case you want to lick your screen.

This is the quadruple rainbow photographed by Amanda Curtis from the Long Island Rail Road station in Glen Cove, N.Y. Thanks God Double Rainbow guy wasn't there or his head would have f***ing exploded. If I was there? I'd have been running as fast as I could for the gold at the end of those rainbows with a shovel. "You don't have to DIG for the gold, it's supposed to be in a pot." Well no shit, but I'm gonna need something to brain the leprechauns guarding it.

Thanks to Mel, who can see leprechauns all the time even when they have their invisibility cloaks on because of an amulet she wears that she bartered from a bridge troll.

Russian Roulette Pie In The Face Game For Kids


This is a video of a grandfather and grandson playing Pie Face (links to Amazon), a Russian Roulette style game for kids that leaves the loser with a faceful of whipped cream. Or sour cream or apple sauce, really whatever you want to load the hand up with. You spin the spinner to determine how many times you have to turn the crank, then put your face in the hole and prepare to get creamed! Except I'm not going to use cream at all, I'm going to use lemon juice and thumbtacks.

Keep going for a video of them both playing until they get hit, as well as a 1968 Hasbro commercial for the original, heavier duty Pie Face game that looks like it could really do some damage.

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