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LEGO Doctor Who TARDIS Available This December


LEGO has just announced via Facebook they're releasing their Doctor Who TARDIS set starting this December, just in time for everybody to go nuts trying to get one before Christmas. Will there be a fight in the toy store at the mall? There will be fights EVERYWHERE. I might even flip a table in the food court and try to stab a guy with a corn dog stick.

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Microsoft Unveils HoloLens Augmented Reality Demo


This is a video demonstration (dude has a robot battle in a mock living room) of Microsoft's upcoming augmented reality system, HoloLens (available early 2016 to developers for $3,000). It looks pretty promising, but I'll have to wait to experience it for myself and see if it's really up to par. God willing, it will be. Then I'll break so many tables and lamps my mom will finally make me move out and get my life together. I won't though, I'll be back within the month. The world is too hard for me.

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That Was Kind Of Hard To Watch: Every Burp From The First Two Seasons Of Rick And Morty


This is a compilation video of every burp from the first two seasons of Rick And Morty. For those of you whose parents actually set up parental restrictions on the TV and don't let you watch Adult Swim, Rick is an elderly alcoholic scientist and burps a lot. Sometimes stuff comes out and hangs out on his bottom lip and chin. That is not a good look for anybody. My senior year of high school I told my girlfriend I was going to grow a soul patch and she immediately broke up with me and slept with two of my best friends and there is absolutely no question in my mind she made the right decision and I wish them all the best.

Hit the jump for the video, but before you watch it chug two beers and see how long you can burp along. I lasted 35 seconds.

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Thou Aren't Mine Father, Black Knight!: Steampunk Styled Star Wars Characters


This is a series of digital paintings by artist Bjorn Hurri imagining popular Star Wars characters as steampunkers. You can purchase prints of them all in Bjorn's online store. Or you can just photographically memorize them all like I just did and use your mind to project them on walls around your house. I have saved so much not buying artwork. I went to the Museum of Modern Art one time in New York and now my apartment is filled with Picassos and Van Goghs whenever I want it to be. Plus roaches -- I have a lot of real-life roaches. It's cool though because if I just pretend they're all like WALL-E's roach friend Hal it makes them less disgusting and I might not even try to kill them. Especially if they're fast and I'm drunk.

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Everybody Needs A Hobby: Extreme Handskating, A Guy Who Rollerblades On His Hands


This is a video of Mirko Hanßen demonstrating his extreme handskating skills. Mirko claims he invented handskating (Rollerblading on your hands) and has spent many years of difficult training to be the best in the world. Just remember: when you're the only one doing something, you're automatically the best in the world. Also, the worst. I currently hold the world record and world's worst record for continuous lick on a hardwood floor in my apartment at 11-feet 3-inches and 3-feet 8-inches, respectively.

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This Is Halloween: Jack Skellington Coke Case Display


This is a Jack Skellington 'Jack And Coke' display spotted at Target by Redditor Kuchufli. As impressive as it is, those boxes are all empty, right? Is it really a proper soda display if the boxes are empty and taped together? I feel like that's cheating. Sure Target probably doesn't want to see some kid come along and knock over a ton of full Coke cases on the ground, but that doesn't mean I don't want to see that.

Thanks to Danby, who tried to do the same thing with 2-liter bottles but it collapsed and now the floor will never not be sticky.

Pepsi Releasing Pepsi Perfect From Back To The Future II


To celebrate the day Marty arrives in the future (October 21st, 2015), Pepsi is releasing a limited edition of 6,500 bottles of Pepsi Perfect online for $20.15 apiece. For reference, that is entirely too much to spend on a soda, even in the future. What is it going to taste like? Is anybody actually going to drink theirs? If you hang on to an unopened bottle for a couple years, how much do you think it will be worth then? Ten dollars? Five?

Keep going for a couple promotional shots and a futuristic commercial.

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Guy Accidentally Sets Fire To Room During Livestream


This is a recorded livesteam video from some guy who sets fire to his room while trying to perform lighter tricks. Actually, I have no clue what he was trying to do. It wasn't safe though. Now he'll never get the fire smell out that room. Plus when he tries to sell those books on eBay he won't be able to lie and say they came from a smoke-free home.

Keep going for the video (fire starts around 5:00). Bonus points for ALMOST putting the fire out a couple times.

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