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Karate Man On Electric Guitar Chopping Flaming Boards


This is a video of somebody's favorite uncle alternating between having no clue how to play the guitar and chopping stacks of flaming boards. He even breaks one with his head for the finale, making it the most exciting afternoon this neighborhood has ever seen minus the famous house fire of 2006. A real firetruck came and everything, wow!

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Thanos Is Supreme: Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Coffee Mug


This is the Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Coffee Mug available for pre-order ($16, ships in May) exclusively from Entertainment Earth. Hence all the ridiculous watermarks. Hopefully they don't include those in the final product.

Harness the power of the Infinity Gems and seize control... of your coffee! Featuring the six Infinity Gems, the Marvel Thanos Infinity Gauntlet 11 oz. Prop Replica Molded Mug Entertainment Earth Exclusive is a fun way to hold 11 ounces of your beverage, and it's also a fantastic prop replica. This is an excellent choice for any fan of Marvel. Bring home the power of the universe and heft your coffee like the Eternal of Titan! Made from ceramic. Hand wash only. Not dishwasher safe. Do not microwave.

Whoa whoa whoa -- not dishwasher safe? How the hell is the INFINITY GAUNTLET not dishwasher safe? The gauntlet allows its wearer to do ANYTHING THEY WANT, but it can't stand a little hot water and dishwasher detergent? That's weak. Is it because the glue holding the infinity gems in will heat up and cause them to fall out? I bet that's what it is. And then what? I'm gonna have to put them all in my mouth, exactly.

Thanks to King Of All Geeks, who is the rightful owner of the Infinity Gauntlet.

More Dino Homoerotica Available On Amazon Kindle


You had me at Space Raptor Butt Invasion.

Because dino homoerotica is all the rage these days (a rage I 100% started by the way), this is a series of dinosaur and mythical beast homoerotica published by Chuck Tingle (who may or may not have taken his name from the map-selling fairy in the Zelda universe) and available for download via Amazon Kindle. Obviously, I just sped-read them all and now I'm sitting at my desk with a blanket over my legs like Franklin D. Roosevelt trying to pretend it's because I'm cold and not because I have a boner. God, could somebody turn up the heat in here! *phone ringing* Hello? Oh hey, boss. "GW? It's 74-degrees. Stop reading dino erotica at work." They're on to me!

Thanks to Tiffany S, who knows quality literature when she sees it.

LEGO Releasing 2,996-Piece Avengers Helicarrier Playset


This is the 2,996-piece S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier playset due out this March for $350. It will come with five minifigs (Nick Fury, Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye, and Maria Hill) and is expected to be between first and third place on my birthday wishlist this year depending on the availability of jetpacks and hoverboards by early August.

Keep going for a bunch more shots (including the secret control center hidden beneath the middle of the carrier) and a video.

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Tour Of Paris Apartment Rendered With Unreal Engine 4


This is a tour of a Parisian apartment rendered with the Unreal Engine 4. It looks like reality. It's not though, it's just a rendering of an apartment that doesn't even exist in real life. Pretty impressive. Even more impressive? Trying to render my apartment to look real using a game engine. All the broken glass and roaches and pizza boxes -- they'd never be able to make it look right.

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Don't Ask Why: Darth Gummy, A Full Scale Darth Vader Helmet Made With Over 1,000 Gummi Bears


This is Darth Gummi, a full-scale replica of Darth Vader's helmet covered with over 1,000 Gummi Bears by artist CrummyGummy, who may or may not actually earn a living covering things with Gummi Bears (do my couch next!). Never thought you'd see a Gummi Bear Darth Vader helmet, did you? Yet here we are. Wait, where is here? "I kidnapped you, you're in my basement." Screw this! *makes a run for the stairs, trips when leg shackle reaches the end of its chain* What do you want from me?! "YOUR SOUL." Ahahahahhahahha, soul -- clearly you've got the wrong guy. Now if you'll kindly unchain me I'll just make myself a quick sandwich and be on my way.

Keep going for a more angled shot.

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R/C Plane Crashes Into Ocean, Films Underwater Reef Life


This is the video from an R/C plane flying over Osprey Bay in Western Australia when the plane's operator loses sight of it in the sun's glare and crashes it into the ocean. Mayday, mayday! The R/C plane then continues to film the sea life around a reef, including a bunch of fish and at least one shark. Sadly, there were no mermaids. Or sign of Nemo, leading at least one blogger to speculate he really is floating belly-up in Darla the fish-killer's aquarium.

Hit the jump for the video, but feel free to skip (or prance) around.

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There Will Be Tears: Budweiser's Lost Dog Super Bowl Ad


Feel like crying at work today? Cool, just watch this. Then on Sunday during the actual Super Bowl you can feel confident going to the bathroom during the commercials knowing you've already seen them all.

Keep going for the commercial, then go home and hug your pets and cry into their fur.

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