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Crazy Person Sets New World Record For Distance Jumped In A Semi Truck


This is a video of daredevil Gregg Godfrey setting a new world record for distance jumped in a semi truck with a solid 166-foot leap. He beat the old record by over 60 feet. That is impressive. I like when records get destroyed instead of just beat by a hair. Unfortunately for Gregg, I'm going to kill his record next week when I steal a semi truck and drive it into the Grand Canyon. Also, anybody else feel those bystanders are standing a little too close? I know there's a concrete barrier, but I have the feeling that's not gonna stop a semi truck if something goes wrong. I would have watched from a mile away with binoculars. Just kidding, I would have watched from SURFING ON TOP OF THE TRUCK BECAUSE I'M A BADASS. Whenever I hit an elevator call button I close my eyes and wait to hear the doors open then step in not knowing if the elevator's really there or if God has decided it's my time.

Keep going for the video, then meet me at the park after work and we'll see who can jump the furthest out of the swings.

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Walter's Coffee Roastery, A Breaking Bad Themed Cafe


These are a handful of shots from Walter's Coffee Roastery, a Breaking Bad themed coffee shop in Istanbul, Turkey. The staff wear yellow hazmat suits, make blue rock candy, and the whole shop is chemistry/meth lab inspired. You think anybody ever comes in asking for 'the good stuff' and winking at the barista? Because I would do that. "Excuse me sir, but are you...trying to buy meth?" What?! God no -- just a double espresso. I'm trying to not fall asleep in a meeting, not stay up for two days convinced the same car keeps circling the block.

Keep going for a bunch more shots.

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Adventure Time BMO Zip-Up Hoodie From Hot Topic


This is the Adventure Time BMO Girls Costume Hoodie available from Hot Topic (~$43). It's a "Hoodie from Adventure Time with a BMO cosplay design." I'm going to be honest: if your costume is just a hoodie you are probably not very good at Halloween or cosplay. You know I cosplayed at a convention once but got kicked out. "What were you cosplaying as?" Convention security. I got to look through people's bags!

Keep going for some shots of the rest of the Adventure Time line, including BMO everything (including backpack with lenticular face) and an awesome My Neighbor Totoro inspired shirt. See the whole line at Hot Topic HERE because I love Hot Topic and I'm really hoping your mom will drive us to the mall after school today. Tell her there's an Auntie Ann's pretzel in it for her.

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Parrot Sings 'Everything Is Awesome' From LEGO Movie


This is a video of Princess Yellow Feather the yellow-naped Amazon parrot singing 'Everything Is Awesome' from The LEGO Movie. Clearly somebody has a new favorite movie. And that somebody is me, and that movie is Waterworld.

Keep going for the very worthwhile video.

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Teen Sets New World Record For 7x7 Rubik's Cube


This is a video of 19-year old Feliks Zemdegs setting the new world record for solving a 7x7 Rubik's Cube. His time? 2 minutes, 23.55 seconds. I don't even think I could pick up a Rubik's Cube that fast. Also, I like how they keep the Rubik's Cube hidden under a bucket before it's time to start. Is that like a special bucket for Rubik's Cube competitions or the same thing I could pick up at Home Depot? I'm only asking because I need to pick up the supplies to patch a hole in my wall anyways. You think Rubik's Cubes are happier when they're solved or all mixed up? I feel like I'd want to be solved, but that's just me and I have a lot of problems. I feel like I'm a Rubik's Cube with not enough orange squares and three more green ones than it's supposed to have.

Keep going for the video.

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Straight Up: Footage Of MiG-29 Jet's Vertical Takeoff


These are two worthwhile videos shot from different angles at the Royal International Air Tattoo exhibition earlier this month of a Polish MiG-29 jet going nearly straight-up immediately after takeoff. As a matter of fact, it actually goes further than straight-up and does a full 360-degree loopty loop. I can't even imagine how many G's that pilot must have been pulling. I wouldn't have been able to do it, I know that. I leaned too far back in my office chair after lunch and passed out cold.

Keep going for the videos, then close your eyes and pretend you're a fighter pilot.

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Video Of Wild Cat Riding Rare Black Rhino In Africa


This is a video of a genet (not actually a cat, just CATLIKE) catching a ride on an endangered black rhino in Africa. The video also contains several still pictures of genets riding other rhinos and buffaloes. It serves as proof that genets, despite their seemingly small size, have infinitely bigger balls than I do because you will never see me trying to climb on the back of a rhino outside of World of Warcraft.

Keep going for the video, then daydream about having your own exotic mount to ride into battle.

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Leave It Alone: Video Comparison Of All The Changes Made To The Original Star Wars Trilogy


These are four videos (A New Hope is two parts) detailing all the changes George 'I'll Do What I Want' Lucas made to the original Star Wars trilogy after they were already released. Most of the changes are pretty minor, like adding an alien in the background, and almost all are entirely unnecessary. If I had any more energy I would get angry but I don't have any energy so I'm not going to. Plus my therapist says I need to focus on letting my anger go. He said if I try to choke him one more time he'll have no choice but to refer me to somebody else which would suck because I feel like we're just getting to know each other.

Keep going for almost an hour of footage. Pretend like you're working and get paid to watch it!

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