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That's Pretty Big: A Visual Comparison Of A Star Wars Super Star Destroyer Ship Versus Manhattan


This is a visual comparison created by Redditor movielover278 of the largest known class of Star Destroyer compared to the size of Manhattan. For reference, Manhattan is 13.4 miles (21.6 km) long and 2.3 miles (3.7 km) at its widest. So that is a pretty big ship. You think it has a shopping mall on board? How else are all those Storm Troopers supposed to spend their paychecks? They need to be able to buy gifts to send home to their wives and kids. Or is Amazon canon in the Star Wars universe? I hope J.J. Abrams answers these questions in the next movie. Also, have you ever stopped to consider maybe J.J. stands for Jar Jar?! Did I just blow your mind? No? Did I just blow bubbles in my chocolate milk? Yes, and now there's milk in my keyboard again.

Thanks to Stephanie A, who is going to build a Super DUPER Star Destroyer that is so powerful it can even destroy black holes. Holy smokes! Whatever you do don't point that thing at me.

Get A Room!: House That Looks Like Two People Doing It


Jk jk, it already has rooms -- it's a house! This is the 'domestikator', an art project home built in Germany by creative firm Atelier Van Lieshout that was designed to look like two people (they actually look like two Cyclopes to me) going at it doggystyle. It is quite possibly the second sexiest house I've ever seen. You ever masturbated to a house before? I did once. It was the Addams Family mansion and don't act like that's not an amazing choice.

Keep going for a shot of the rear and another one of a bunch of people watching.

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Squire, Fetch Me My Wine: Chainmail Wine Bottle Sleeve


This is the chainmail wine bottle sleeve available from ThinkGeek ($25). It keeps your wine bottle safe from sword and arrow attacks. It does not keep your wine bottle safe from being opened and drank though, which is why I'm a little bit tipsy right now. *hiccup* Hey. Hey. Hey -- let's make out.

Thanks to I'mYourHuckleberry, who is not my actual Huckleberry. OR IS HE? Maybe he is. Or maybe it's a she! MYSTERIES.

Sounds Legit: Vintage Game Boy Ad Promises 'Graphics So Real You'll Forget It's Only A Game'


This is a vintage Capcom ad for the Game Boy game Gargoyle's Quest that promises 'graphics so real you'll forget it's only a game.' That is a pretty bold statement. Especially considering you're talking about Game Boy graphics. I wonder who came up with this ad. Like, whose idea was it to work this THE GRAPHICS ARE SO REALISTIC angle? You think they still work in advertising? I am good at advertising. I've sold ice bricks to Eskimos before. "You melted their igloos with a flamethrower." That's beside the point, I made the sale.

Thanks to Benjamin K, who thought the graphics on his old Nokia brick phone were so realistic he was afraid to play Snake.

Artist Colors Hand To Look Like You Can See The Bones


This is artist Natalie Nakles's hand after she drew on it with markers to make it look like you can see the bones and meat inside. You know, I have seen the real bones and meat inside my hand before. Only for a second though, then I passed out. You know that game where you try to stab a knife in the space between your fingers as fast as you can? Well we were playing that, except with a circular saw. There is still blood on the ceiling. Never drink with rednecks.

Hit the jump for a short video of the illusion.

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Giant Red Ball Escapes Art Exhibit, Rolls Down Street


This is a video of a giant inflatable red ball rolling down the street in Toledo, Ohio. The ball is from artist Kurt Perschke's Red Ball Project, which is a project that involves putting a big red ball on display. I'm pretty sure my 8th grade art teacher would have failed the shit out of me for that. Still, I like how the person in the car closes their door just before the ball runs over them. I wonder what was going through their head. Sadly, obviously it was not, "Now's my chance to reenact the boulder chase scene from Indiana Jones!'

Hit the jump for the video.

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Very Clever: Majora's Mask And Moon Cosplay


This is a shot of an unknown cosplayer at an unknown convention (anybody recognize those walls?) wearing Majora's Mask, with the moon hovering overhead. You know, I remember when Majora's Mask first came out my parents were concerned I was too stupid to grasp the time-changing aspect of the game. It turns out they were 100% correct. I was already in college, by the way.

Thanks to carey, who agrees somebody should start a Zeldacon and it should take place in a castle and we can all pretend it's Hyrule castle and have the time of our f***ing lives!

Laser Rifles!: Guy With Dual Roman Candle Machine Guns


This is a video of a guy who made himself dual Roman candle machine guns. They look glorious. I would love to be there with a metal trashcan lid trying to deflect shots back at him. Throw a keg of beer and some hot dogs in the mix and that's pretty much exactly what I want to do for my birthday next year.

Keep going for the video, then let's go out into the parking lot and shoot bottle rockets at each other.

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