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10-Foot Inflatable Jabba The Hutt Lawn Decoration


This is the 10-foot long inflatable Jabba the Hutt lawn decoration available from ThinkGeek ($170, includes lights and inflating fan). He measures six feet tall and will almost certainly get his picture taken being humped by teenage trick-or-treaters. Also, why does he look so brown? I remember him being way greener. And what's with that pattern on his tail? Is he wearing f***ing PANTS? Just what the hell is going on here?!

Thanks to YouShouldKnow, who -- wait, what? WHAT SHOULD I I KNOW? *shaking* ANSWER ME.

ATTAAAACK!: Animals Attacking In Super Slow Motion


This is a short video from BBC's Earth Unplugged of a bunch of different animals attacking in slow motion. There's a chameleon, praying mantis, alligator snapping turtle, some crocodiles, an owl, and a couple others. That alligator snapping turtle biting through the stick of celery -- man, that made my penis worried bigtime. I am never swimming in a lake again. And not just because that's how Jason Vorhees died, but why take chances? I don't want to become some serial killer. Preventative medicine -- that's what I'm talking about. "Huh?" That turtle would snap through your boner like using a lead pipe in a pencil fight.

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That's RedPlusBlue: Nameless Paint Hues Encourage Children To Think Differently About Colors


Nameless Paints are the brainchild of Japanese designers Yusuke Imai and Ayami Moteki. Instead of showing the color and the name of the paint inside, they show what primary colors in what proportions make the color inside. "By not assigning names to the colors we want to expand the definition of what a color can be, and the various shades they can create by mixing them." Plus they want to encourage kids to learn color theory and how to mix colors. Interesting. Whenever I mix paints everything just turns out brown. Then I have to start over and everything turns out brown again until the art teacher tells me I'm wasting paint and asks if I'd rather just wash out paintbrushes in the sink. Plus in theater class I auditioned and got the part of the guy who puts everyone's costumes back on the rack after rehearsal.

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Death Wishes: Insane Wingsuit Flight Between Trees


This is a video captured by wingsuit enthusiast Dario Zanon of his buddy Graham Dickinson as Graham tries his best to shake Dario off his tail while they're flying by weaving through trees and entirely too close to the ground. It's hard to believe it's even real. I didn't even feel comfortable wingsuiting around in Far Cry 3, and that was a video game and I never actually left my couch and I STILL got sweaty palms. Ruined all my chips.

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Divers Discover Endangered Sea Turtle Has Glowing Shell


This is a video of a critically endangered hawksbill sea turtle that divers just recently discovered have bio-fluorescent shells. They don't produce their own light (bio-luminescence), but rather reflect UV light as different colors (in this case red, yellow and green). Scientists believe this may help camouflage the turtles as they swim among reefs with lots of bio-luminescent animals at night. When reached for comment, Ninja Turtle Michelangelo was pissed his shell doesn't glow because, "That would be the tits at raves, bro." Then he nunchucked me in the ballsack and stole my pizza.

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Heck Yeah, Drunk Potions: Harry Potter Inspired Shots


This is a series of Harry Potter inspired shot recipes created by the folks at Graphic Nerdity. The inventors admit that some of them taste bad. I'm guessing the one with Sambuca and hot sauce is one of those. There is no reason to make bad tasting shots unless it's the birthday of a frienemy and you want to make them puke because you're evil. That's a real Death Eater move right there. Which one would you be most willing to try? I don't really want to try any of them, and my Patronus is a bartender.

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IKEA Instruction Manuals For Building Movie Villains


This is a series of fake IKEA instruction manuals designed by artist Ed Harrington for building different movie villains. Well they're not all villains, just mostly villains. You think if you built one they could survive longer than one apartment move? Because my IKEA couch didn't. Neither did my entertainment stand. Or the coffee table. Or my bookshelf. "You got drunk and burnt them all in a bonfire." You're damn right I did, I like to START FRESH.

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Man Builds Functional Electric Guitar Out Of LEGO Bricks


This is the LEGO electric guitar built by guitar maker Nicola Pavan (who traditionally works with wood). The body is entirely LEGO except for the bridge and electronics, but the neck is a regular guitar neck. Pavan added some glue and screws in order to hold everything together, because there's nothing worse than your guitar breaking into a million pieces in the middle of a solo. That is not how you get groupies. Not good groupies anyways. I might still ask you to sign my tits, but I'll ask just about anybody to sign my tits.

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