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Woman Carves Majora's Mask With Chainsaw, Grinders


This is a video of female chainsaw artist Griffon Ramsey (previously: Groot) carving a life-size replica of Majora's Mask using chainsaws and a variety of grinders/rotary tools. The end result is most impressive and I wish that mask was my roommate. It's not though, Derek is my roommate, and we don't get along. Yesterday I lied and told him the apartment building was getting fumigated this week and we'd have to find a place to stay till Friday (so I could stay here alone and get some peace and quiet), and that f***er just came home with a gas mask from the Army surplus store. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to kill him.

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Dammit, Mother Nature: Amateur Photographer Catches Weasel Riding On The Back Of Flying Woodpecker


This is the photo of a weasel riding/attacking a flying green woodpecker taken by amateur photographer (read: regular person) Martin Le-May in his yard in Essex, England. Personally, if I was a weasel I'd prefer to ride a hawk, but that's just me and I'm at war against the squirrels.

Speaking to BBC News, Mr Le-May said he had managed to capture the moment while he was out walking with his wife Ann.

"I think we may have distracted the weasel as when the woodpecker landed it managed to escape and the weasel ran into the grass."

Wildlife expert Lucy Cooke told the BBC News Channel: "This is a truly extraordinary image.

"The green woodpecker is a ground-feeding bird, but weasels normally attack rabbits. The woodpecker is not its usual prey.

You think the weasel was actually attacking the bird, or you think it just wanted to know what it was like to fly? Because if I was a weasel sitting around watching birds fly all day I'd probably want to know what it was like too. Thankfully, I'm not a weasel, I'm a chipmunk and I'm too busy stuffing my cheeks (mouth and butt) with nuts to think about that stuff.

Thanks to Brendan of Hampshire and Ant C, who agree Mother Nature has officially lost her shit.

Biodegradable Coffee Cup Embedded With Seeds To Grow


The World's First Plantable Coffee Cup is a Kickstarter campaign to produce biodegradable single-use coffee cups with seeds embedded in them that will grow when planted. Granted they're not actually the FIRST plantable coffee cups, because all coffee cups are plantable, they just don't break down or grow anything. Sadly, I wonder how many people will actually take the time to plant the cups instead of just throwing them out the windows of their cars and feel like they're making a difference. Now a coffee cup embedded with cannabis seeds -- that's a cup that'll make people get their shovels and garden hoses out.

Thanks to Cyndie, who never throws away cups because she always drinks from the same 'Don't Talk To Me Until This Mug Is Empty' coffee mug.

Impressive: Makeup Artist's Cel Shading Superhero Faces


These are the cell-shaded style superhero faces painted by makeup artist Lianne Moseley (front center). She has skills. I tried painting a friend's face to look like a superhero once but he kept complaining the spray paint was making it hard for him to breathe and made me stop. Unfortunately, that was pretty much the end of our friendship, he died from a lung infection shortly after.

Keep going for a bunch more include She-Hulk, Archer, and Captain Planet.

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Super Slow-Mo Of Archer Hitting A Thrown Aspirin Tablet


This is a video from Smarter Every Day of Alabama archer Byron Ferguson hitting a thrown aspirin tablet with an arrow, using an oldschool longbow (and not one of those fancy compound bows with sights and all the bells and whistles). Obviously, you're going to want Byron on your team in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Or for storming a castle. But probably not for kickball, he's a little older and probably can't run that fast. Actually, the more I think about it, that might affect his usefulness in the event of a zombie apocalypse too. Now if you also had a giant in your crew that could carry him on his back -- that would be the tits.

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Oh Wow: Vibrator With HD Video Camera In The End


Heck yeah two pleasure yourself posts in row! Seen here fulfilling someone's nose fetish, a woman demonstrates (you're doing it wrong!) the Svakom Gaga Intimate Selfie Camera , a vibrator with a high-definition video camera and light integrated into the end so you can record your experience from the inside. I assume it also works for butts, but I'm going to go out on a limb and also assume it isn't recommended for do it yourself at-home colonoscopies. The vibrator was actually designed for women to see the way their bodies react to different areas of stimulation, and what happens in there when they have an orgasm. Speaking of -- what DOES happen in there during an orgasm? Because I've always imagined it's like a carnival fun house, complete with a bunch of those wavy mirrors and a giant laughing clown head. Am I close? I feel like I'm close.

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P0rnHub Aims To Help Save The Planet With Power Generating Fap Bracelet


This is a video about P0rnHub's Wankband, a real piece of wearable tech which generates power from the motion of masturbating, and can then be plugged in (after washing your hands) to charge any USB device. No word if you can plug the wristband into your dying tablet WHILE masturbating to keep the power on. *going fast and furious* COME ON, I JUST NEED ANOTHER ANOTHER MINUTE TO FINISH. P0rnHub is trying to take the stigma out of masturbating, and help save the planet at the same time. Honestly, I can't believe there's even a stigma to masturbating in the first place. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it. It's WHERE you're doing it and WHAT YOU'RE DOING IT TO that starts to raise eyebrows.

Keep going for the introductory video, and visit if you want to be a beta tester.

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Now You See Me, Now You Don't: Anti-Paparazzi Flashback Clothing Reflects Camera Flashes, Ruins Photos


The Betabrand Flashback Collection is an anti-paparazzi clothing collection designed by Chris Holmes that's made out of fabrics embedded with glass nanospheres that reflect so much light any photos taken with a flash will be ruined (previously: this anti-paparazzi handbag). Obviously, I just ordered the whole anti-paparazzi suit and plan on photobombing every single photo taken near me from now on. Will I cause a lot of fights? Probably. Will I win those fights? Probably not. Will I get confused and not understand why none of my own selfies ever turn out? Yes.

Hit the jump for several more examples and a video.

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