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  • March 24, 2011
    Note: Commercial after the jump probably NSFW on account of asses and moaning. According to tipster Donald, this ad for Top Spin 4 is the 'Best Commercial Ever'. That makes Donald a pervert (keep those tips coming!). It features Serena Williams and some other chick playing t... / Continue →
  • November 9, 2010
    Note: Slightly larger version HERE. This is a picture of a tennis match taken and edited by Michael Kai in the style of famed perspective-distorting artist MC Escher. As you can see, it's puke-worthy. I literally ralphed twice just resizing the picture. Three more times sta... / Continue →
  • January 13, 2010
    This is a video of a super-staged Wii fail. It's still worth watching though, so check it out. Then you can bicker back and forth in the comments about something completely unrelated and call each other names. Haha -- do I know you guys or what?! Youtube Thanks to mongoose... / Continue →
  • June 19, 2009
    This is tennis star Mario Maria Sharpova showing off a new dress that lights up whenever you receive a cell phone call. Pfft, the deaf have had this technology for years. It's the work of British fashion student Georgie Davies, who worked with Sony Ericsson on ways to merge t... / Continue →
  • June 26, 2008
    This 3-person table tennis table looks like the least fun thing I've seen in a while. I have no idea how you play and whether or not the person in the middle always loses, but if I had to guess I'd say yes. Okay I did some more research and it turns out the pieces are part o... / Continue →
  • March 26, 2008
    London needs to find room to house 100,000 more people by 2016. One solution is this thing, a massive 5,000-foot tall tower (must see picture of the whole thing after the jump) design by the Populararchitecture firm. Reminds me of the plans for Japan's massive building, but t... / Continue →
  • December 12, 2007
    Yes the picture's real. Burj Al Arab in Dubai is home to the world's highest tennis court (at times). At 210 meters (about 690 feet), it's pretty far up there. Way higher than I'd feel comfortable running around hitting a ball. The court doubles as a landing pad when there ... / Continue →