Pretty F'in Iffy: DIY Homemade Superpowers

These are three picture tutorials for making your own homemade superhero/villain accessories. This one's Cyclops' laser vision, but there's Magneto's bucket-helmet and Wolverine's claws after the jump....
April 6, 2011

BEAM ME UP, YO!: Quantum Teleportation

Note: Full-res shot of the WTF am I looking at HERE. Teleportation: sometimes I wish it were my superpower. Instead I got blinding handsomeness. That's right --...
May 23, 2010

Scientists: "All Humans Are Mutants"

Scientists are claiming that each human has between 100 and 200 genetic mutations in their DNA. Me? I have two fingers....I have four fingers. Joseph Nadeau, from...
September 3, 2009