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  • November 13, 2012
    Because Target has already been in full-blown Christmas mode for two weeks now, here's some dinosaur tree ornaments. I know there are already a ton of other dinosaur ornaments out there, but these ones are all fun and sparkly. Plus have wreath necklaces. I don't know, I'm a g... / Continue →
  • January 12, 2012
    Wanna make your own unicorn poop cookies? WELL YOU ARE IN LUCK MY DISGUSTING FRIEND, because Instructable user Kristylynn84 has just the recipe for you! You're gonna be shitting magic! Jk jk, diarrhea, but who cares -- you tasted the rainbow. Me? I tasted a cow patty beca... / Continue →
  • June 23, 2011
    Something's not right. This is a video of an SUV towing what appears to be a BMW with parking cone orange rims when shit goes south. I'm not sure if something caused the craziness, or if the driver just overcompensated for a little swervature (which is a word now), but things... / Continue →
  • April 25, 2011
    Spark plugs are used to ignite the gas and oxygen mixture in your vehicle's engine and are NOT to be confused with butt plugs, which are used to reignite the passion in your bedroom. Me? I tried once but just shit the sheets. So romantic. Enter laser plugs: way less intimid... / Continue →
  • February 4, 2011
    Seen here looking like some sort of futuristic vision, Janne Parviainen takes photographs painted with LEDs/sparklers. Impressive Janne, but try painting with darkness. Haha -- can't do it, can you?! You've gotta sell your soul to the devil for that shit! Straight from the ... / Continue →
  • January 4, 2011
    This is a video of a manhole in New York City shooting sparks and flames like the Ninja Turtles decided their swords and sticks were too oldschool and upgraded to flamethrowers and lightning-launchers. It sounds like somebody popping popcorn though, so I wouldn't be surprised ... / Continue →
  • December 2, 2010
    Remember ThinkGeek's fake 'Canned Unicorn Meat' April Fools' product? Well it turns out they made it into a real product (that consists of a dismembered stuffed-animal unicorn in a can), and German customs isn't too thrilled people are trying to import it. Per an email receiv... / Continue →
  • November 17, 2010
    This is a wearable LEGO Master Chief helmet designed and built by Ben Caulkins (no relation to Macaulay -- that he'll admit). It looks infinitely better than the cheap rubber version I picked up from the bargain bin at Carl's Costume Basement. Which, un-fun fact: is an actual... / Continue →
  • July 14, 2010
    Probably not this. Actually, I take that back. We probably would end up doing this because some nimrod in the bureaucratic system with no concept of how to call Batman in the first place (and thinks he's just a grown-up Bat Boy) would be in charge of signaling the caped crus... / Continue →
  • June 29, 2010
    As news that should come to no surprise to anyone who's ever talked to somebody obsessed with the series, Twilight can seriously skew a person's view of relationships, and actually make their own, non-sparkly-vampire-movie-ones, suffer. The [Los Angeles] Times found women who ... / Continue →