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  • August 12, 2010
    What in the...? How could you have possibly screwed this up? WHY IS THE ENTERPRISE ON THE COVER? AND WHERE THE HELL ARE THOSE REVIEWS FROM? Holy shit, seasons 1-4 all in one box? Sold! UPDATE: VHS quality video of a farmer killing chickens for six hours. 3/5 stars. Bl... / Continue →
  • March 4, 2010
    Maryland driver and Twitter user Tamast ordered a custom license plate on the DMV website, which was to read '42' (the meaning of life) in binary code. Only problem is, the I's print differently than they look on screen. Per the road rager himself: well, these plates don't l... / Continue →
  • December 8, 2009
    That's not even Pikachu, that's a stoned-ass Garfield with no stripes after eating a whole pan of lasagna (LOL -- he loves that stuff!). Oh -- and to the maker: there comes a time in everyone's life when you realize your own limitations and focus on working within them. That ... / Continue →
  • November 10, 2009
    This is a picture of some poor bastard's Street Fighter tattoo that's supposed to depict the directions for performing Ryu's Shoryuken (Rising Dragon Fist). Only thing is, the correct directions are →↓↘ + P, and not ↓→↘ + P. So yeah, that's a whole lot of black in... / Continue →
  • October 22, 2009
    Apparently a 2,400 page British document outlining how to prevent government officials from leaking confidential information to the internet has been leaked onto the internet. The 2,400 page Defense Manual of Security, authored by the Ministry of Defense to help high-ranking m... / Continue →
  • October 13, 2009
    That doesn't look like any deer I've ever seen. But maybe they used that picture because they want you to slow down like an elephant. Elephants, after all, are notoriously lumbering beasts. Not unlike -- wait for it, wait for it -- mammoths! I don't care if you are frozen s... / Continue →