Blocky, Reaaaally Blocky: Tetris Furniture

Tetris furniture: it just makes sense. Furniture is blocky, tetrads are blocky, BOOM-SHACKA-SHAKE'N'BAKE -- Tetris furniture. It's tetradical! Except -- why does that long block have five...
April 15, 2009

Tetrad Shelving Looks Good, Tetrisy

These Tetrad Shelves are made by Brave Space Design in Brooklyn, NY. They come in a variety of different options and are built using environmentally sustainable resources....
March 26, 2008

Whole Room In A Box : Suck It IKEA!

The CASULO is a room packed into a 90 x 120 cm box. It includes a wardrobe, desk/table, cabinet, rotating and height-adjustable desk chair, two stools, a...
February 12, 2008