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How To: Make A 46,000 Calorie Kit-Kat Bar

Love Kit-Kats but decided they aren't making you fat enough, fast enough? Well now you can create your own 46,000 calorie version (with bonus 1,860 grams of...
May 28, 2010

RAWR, OM NOM NOM!: Dinosaur Chopsticks

Let's face it, your children don't have any hand-eye coordination. Or, in my case, hands or eyes. You see, I don't have any children and I want...
January 2, 2010

Booze The Way God Intended: Boob Ice Luge

If God didn't want us drinking from boobs our whole lives, then why did he make them so appealing in adulthood? Also, why don't dinosaurs have nipples?...
September 16, 2009