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  • November 8, 2011
    This is a little Angry Birds level recreated entirely out of LEGO by Flickr user SavaTheAggie. "Angry Birds is stupid!" Is it? Then why have I 3-starred every level ever created AND found all the golden eggs? "I don't know, because you spend a lot on the john with your iPho... / Continue →
  • April 13, 2011
    IGN is running a voting contest until the 20th to decide the 100 best Pokemon characters. And I assume by "best" they mean "favorite", because this thing looks like a high school popularity contest if I've ever seen one. And if there's one thing I know about high school popul... / Continue →
  • August 3, 2009
    I can't even begin to express how excited I was when I found out a Twilight massive mutiplayer online roll playing game (MMORPG) was in development by BrainJunk (no kidding) Studios. Seriously, I got so worked up I almost jumped off the roof of my apartment building. Brandon ... / Continue →
  • June 30, 2009
    Following in the stylish footsteps of the Snuggie, Slanket, Peakaroo, WonderRobe, MagicJacket, CarpetVest and PlushiePants, comes the Wearable Towel (THAT'S THE BEST YOU COULD COME UP WITH?!). It's a towel with holes in it that you put your head and arms through. And wear. L... / Continue →