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  • February 28, 2014
    This is a photo Bill Nye posted to his Instagram of him emulating the Jay-Z photograph in the background. That's pretty much all there is to say except I'm glad Jay-Z and Nas put their feud to rest because I got tired of hating Jay-Z so much in the early 2000's. It took a lot... / Continue →
  • April 23, 2013
    In agreement with last year's announcement by Human Rights Watch, an initiative created by the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots (an actual organization I didn't start myself) urges policy makers to ban the development and use of autonomous robots that can kill without human inter... / Continue →
  • November 11, 2010
    Happy Veterans Day. I'd like to take this time to thank all the men and women who have served and do serve to protect my freedom to write whatever I damn well please without fear or repercussions. And a special thanks to my grandfather, an Army communications man who was on t... / Continue →
  • April 27, 2009
    Can you believe that's actually the title I used? Me neither. Maybe I'll come back and change it later (read: I won't). So, A Peaceful Bomb Vase is a flower depository designed by Owen & Cloud to look like a bomb. It's supposed to serve as a statement about how not cool war... / Continue →
  • February 11, 2009
    Let's face it, we all want to live in treehouses. Unfortunately, I purchased all the remaining trees on earth, so it looks like you suckers are out of luck. Hey, there's always telephone poles. Also, I will be selling acorns for $1,000 a pop. Anyway, this is a treehouse hot... / Continue →
  • February 9, 2009
    The Isophone may like a giant waterbug banging your brain, but it's actually a device designed to provide uninterrupted peace and quiet while you're making phone calls. The Isophone is essentially a telecommunications device providing a service that can be described simply as ... / Continue →
  • November 13, 2008
    This is a litter of Shiba Inu puppies brought to you in live, streaming video. Why? Because they're cute and I want one (the one in the yellow collar). Porn aside, this is clearly what the interweb was built for. So I can lie here on the couch and watch a gaggle of puppies ... / Continue →
  • August 15, 2008
    This is the Olympic village made entirely out of LEGO. It was recently on display in Hong Kong to get everyone excited about the games and contains over 300,000 blocks and 4,500 minifigs. Hit the jump for a whole bunch more, including a damn good looking Water Cube. You know... / Continue →