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  • May 2, 2011
    How about we just show each other our privates and call it a Skype? Seen here reaching previously unknown levels of sadness, a user demos Kajimoto Laboratory's Kiss Transmission Device. The devices were designed to simulate the kiss of a lover (or webcam stripper!) across the... / Continue →
  • October 19, 2010
    Ever wanted to make out with a miniature panda painted on some chick's lips? If you answered "yes", congratulations, you're a sexual deviant. I want you to call your local law enforcement office and report yourself. Also, not live within a half-mile of a zoo or own any anima... / Continue →
  • June 11, 2010
    This is an English couple caught mid-dry coitus by a Google Street View car despite the fact they insist they were only kissing. Uh, I don't know you do it across the pond, but that's not how I kiss. Yes, yes it is too -- my uncle taught me! The couple--Eddie Bateman and his... / Continue →
  • April 20, 2010
    This is a robotic mouth created to help the hearing impaired learn to articulate their speech better. It's a learning tool. One I just set on fire and kicked down the stairs. To enable the robot's speaking abilities, engineers at Japan's Kagawa University used an air pump, ... / Continue →
  • August 5, 2009
    What do you get when you cross Cheetos lip balm and bacon flavored lube? A BACON-CHEESE ORGY TO REMEMBER, AM I RIGHT? God, I sure hope I'm not. You people are freaks. Anyway, bacon lip balm is exactly what it sounds like: bacon flavored lip balm from the porky purveyors ove... / Continue →