Wait, Where'd He Go?: Urban Camoflauge

There's a robot war to be fought, and regular camo simply won't do. Enter Urban Camouflage, a new kind of outwear that keeps you safe and hidden...
March 5, 2009

IKEA Turns Japanese Monorail Into Showroom

IKEA, best known for their sweet coffee table that I bought, has turned the Kobe Portliner Monorail of Port Island, Japan into a traveling showroom. As you...
April 11, 2008

Whole Room In A Box : Suck It IKEA!

The CASULO is a room packed into a 90 x 120 cm box. It includes a wardrobe, desk/table, cabinet, rotating and height-adjustable desk chair, two stools, a...
February 12, 2008