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  • January 31, 2012
    Artist Rodrigo Alonso fills square molds with heaps of old technology (read: junk) then pours resin in to create these clear stools. I'm not sure if there's supposed to be a deeper message, but if there is I imagine it's something about how fast technology goes from state-of-t... / Continue →
  • May 4, 2011
    This is a seemingly magical chair created by Peter Bristol appropriately titled the 'Cut Chair'. At first glance your head might explode as to how it stands but, SPOILER: on one leg -- not unlike performing the flamingo on a lova. The only one that's actually a full leg is at... / Continue →
  • September 23, 2010
    Is this the future of wheelchairing? Why's it dragging a bong behind it? These questions and more possibly answered in the quote I'm so graciously about to copy/paste: Thomas Ross and Dave Cochrane put together a sleek, rather cool design and even made some practical improve... / Continue →
  • September 23, 2009
    Loyal Geekologie Reader (or giant liar) Kristian Aus is an Australian designer currently seeking a manufacturer for some of his video game inspired furniture. This is a stool inspired by the Pac-Man ghosts, and there's a Space Invaders table after the jump. Good looking, Kris... / Continue →
  • September 14, 2009
    This is a Pac-Man gaming chair. The best I can tell it's just a computer image, rendering(!) it fake, but it's cool enough for someone to make reality IMHO. And speaking of MHO: they're out there. I'm talking aliens, fool! Anyway, this Pac-Man chair feeds off pocket lint an... / Continue →