THE END NEARS: Flying Hexapod Hexacopter

Hexapod robots: they're no good. Qaudrocopters: they're no good. Put them together and what do you get? 40-times the no good (robots breed exponentially -- think rabbits,...
December 20, 2012

Don't Move!: First Manned Multicopter Flight

Ever wanted to be chopped to pieces atop of an exercise ball? Join my ninja yoga class. Ooooooooor strap yourself to this terrifying 16-blade multicopter. One slip...
November 2, 2011

SkyNET, The Wi-Fi Attacking Quadrocopter

"Scientists" (read: terrorists) at the Stevens Institute of Technology (SIT) have attached a Linux box to a quadrocopter drone and taught it to locate Wi-Fi networks and...
September 12, 2011