Dual-Flavor Slurpee Cups With Valved Straw

Because variety is the spice of life (sometimes I have a hotdog AND cheeseburger for lunch), 7-11 is launching a dual-chambered Slurpee cup in June so you...
April 22, 2011

Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Popsicle Shirts

Today only over at Teefury they're selling Han Solo Pop shirts (I'd like to pretend they're creamsicles). $9 plus $2 shipping ($5 international) brings one to your...
March 22, 2010

WTF Is That?!?: A Frozen Blood Head

Let's cut right to the questionable chase: this is a sculpture (or mold) of artist Marc Quinn's head made from 4.5 liters of his own frozen blood....
October 12, 2009