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  • August 10, 2015
    This is the Lifestyle Home Elevator created by England-based Terry Lifts. It's a personal home elevator for people who can't take the stairs and think that those little chairs that creep up the stairs are tacky. It can carry up to 550 pounds at once but has not been Geekologi... / Continue →
  • June 9, 2014
    This is a video of Chilean man José Vergara Acevedo's life-changing elevator ride. After he gets in and pushes the button, the elevator malfunctions, the doors reopen, and it flies up 31 stories in 15-seconds before crashing into the building's roof. José was injured but expe... / Continue →
  • September 3, 2013
    Raise your hand if you want to live in a tree house. Cool, everybody -- even the mole people. No, ESPECIALLY the mole people. "It's just so dark and cold underground." Haha, SHUT UP AND KEEP DIGGING. This is a 30-foot bicycle powered tree house elevator. You just hop on a... / Continue →
  • June 18, 2013
    This is a video from the JesterLads at King's College London where a Jedi appears to make the doors to an elevator repeatedly reopen when they're closing. The prank works by having another person hiding outside the elevator secretly push the call button every time the dude ins... / Continue →
  • December 5, 2012
    This is a follow up to the ghost girl in elevator prank by the same Brazilian show as that one. Basically, unsuspecting visitors board the same fake elevator, but before the doors close two movers wheel in a standing coffin and leave it. Then the lights flicker, and an old de... / Continue →
  • November 27, 2012
    This is a video from a Brazilian television show where unsuspecting victims are riding a fake elevator when all of a sudden the lights flicker off, and a ghost girl (who looks like a little sister from Bioshock) appears out of nowhere (actually a secret door in the wall) and yo... / Continue →
  • April 13, 2012
    Wow, hands on the floor AND licking the wall -- this guy is DETERMINED to catch something. To advertise their product, McVitie's Jaffa Cakes developed and installed lickable wallpaper in a London elevator that tastes like their cakes. That's disgusting. What do you think, Wi... / Continue →
  • March 29, 2012
    Seen here depressing the hell out of me, Chunky takes a ride on the world's first stair elevator designed for overweight dogs. Wait -- CHUNKY? That's like a self fulfilling prophecy! *makes note to name son Richen Handsome McTakecareofdadwhenhe'sold* Although it is still ... / Continue →
  • November 23, 2011
    Note: Picture is of Volkswagen's 20-story robotic parking garage. A $650-million, 57-story highrise designed by Porsche is going up in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida and will feature a robotic car elevator that takes condo owners directly to their door while still in the vehicle.... / Continue →
  • October 7, 2010
    This is a video of a 40-year old South Korean man who, pissed a group of tarts didn't hold the elevator for him, proceeds to ram the doors with his scooter until they give way and he plummets down the shaft. Yeah, apparently he died. "Holy shit" is right. And, since you're n... / Continue →