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  • March 1, 2013
    How do you make a BigDog quadruped robot even more terrifying? Simple, add a cinderblock-throwing head attachment. It can actually chuck them pretty far too -- probably about as far as I could. So if it ever comes down to a cinderblock throwing duel to the death, it could be ... / Continue →
  • August 19, 2009
    Sorry folks the internette at the hotel was bitchtitting me this morning so I just gave up and came to LaGuardia to post from here. Don't think I forgot about you. I could never. Anyway, I'll post as much as I can before my flight, and Geekologie will return to its regularly... / Continue →
  • August 8, 2007
    Michelin has developed a new airless tire that looks pretty freaking sweet - the Tweel. Tires without air you say? I didn't believe it myself (and still don't really), but allegedly they're real. Tweel you say? Yeah, about that. They look more like Bladez, or Razorz to me.... / Continue →