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  • August 17, 2010
    Note: NSFW video is after the jump (because she actually says the f-word). This is a song and music video entitled, 'F*** Me, Ray Bradbury' by Rachel Bloom. It's about some chick who wants to get boned by Ray Bradbury. That alone being enough to make my wiener limp until the... / Continue →
  • March 17, 2010
    Many of you are probably thinking I only posted this because I needed something I could just toss up quick and dirty to keep you entertained while I unload a shit-ton of boxes. Well those people are 100% correct and should consider careers in child psychology. jmi3i [izit] ... / Continue →
  • August 18, 2008
    Similar to the gaming bra we saw before, the Geekini is an NES controller in the form factor of a bikini top and bottom. It's recommended you have a female wear the peripheral, but you can put it on yourself if you're pathetic as hell or have a women's bikini fetish. Just a h... / Continue →