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  • February 20, 2015
    This is a video of an orchid mantis (previously: a bunch of pictures of them) mimicking an orchid to catch a bee and EAT ITS FILTHY POLLINATING FACE OFF. The mantises also eat flies and butterflies -- pretty much anything that's attracted to an orchid. Humans are attracted to... / Continue →
  • March 17, 2010
    I'm not really that into performance art unless it involves the naked ladies, but I thought this guy was okay. And not in a homoerotic way either. OF COURSE IN A HOMOEROTIC WAY! Now rub your feet on the carpet and touch my nose. DO IT! Other Electronic Music: Tesla Coil Ja... / Continue →
  • January 4, 2010
    Finally, USB wall outlets. The $10 'TruePower UCS Power Outlet With Built-in USB Ports' not only has a terrible name, but will also be shipping early this year. It makes the perfect receptacle for all your USB gadgetry, and a terrible Valentine's gift for a lady-friend. But ... / Continue →
  • October 28, 2009
    This is a video of some tradeshow in Germany where a company released flies with advertisements attached to them like those little planes at the beach. It's pretty awesome and really got me thinking about hiring mosquitoes to start promoting Geekologie. And by promoting Geeko... / Continue →
  • October 10, 2009
    Dead fly art: it just makes sense. Now I don't really want to go into the kind of person it takes to collect dead flies and glue them to a piece of paper to make "art", but suffice it to say they're our kinda person. Plus, I really dig the final results. Well, except for the... / Continue →
  • August 1, 2009
    The TASER Shockwave system was designed to shoot any number of tasers off simultaneously, so you can shock a whole bunch of people at once. Or kill one poor bastard. The TASER Shockwave is a modular system, letting you bunch together dozens of these TASER X26 stun guns. That ... / Continue →
  • July 27, 2009
    Stupid Inventor Zachary is at it again, this time with a tool that automatically sorts unpopped popcorn kernels out of your bowl so you can repop them. Just don't eat them or you'll end up growing maize in your stomach! And, as a guy who once tried to grow wine grapes in his ... / Continue →