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  • January 3, 2013
    This is the Bioshock Big Daddy sculpture built by Finnish LEGO lover Pate-Keetongu. Apparently this particular Big Daddy has made a habit out of skipping calf day at the gym. The body is built of pieces from the Lego Exo-Force flying mecha sets, and the arms use ball joints a... / Continue →
  • May 23, 2012
    This is a gallery of Potato Daddy, a Big Daddy version of Mr. Potato Head created by Flickr user Ginger Troll (the worst kind of troll). Personally, I would have called him Spud Daddy, but that's just me and I spend hours thinking about stuff like this. A brief biography of t... / Continue →
  • December 19, 2011
    Remember Geekologie Reader Stefan Petit's gallery of posters from the original Bioshock he recreated in Photoshop? Well he just finished doing Bioshock 2's as well. Aaaaaand these are them. Man, I wish I could've seen Rapture in its heyday, that would've been the tits. Inste... / Continue →
  • November 30, 2011
    This is allegedly a teaser-trailer for a Bioshock fan-film coming out summer of 2013. At first I wasn't that impressed at all because, f***, it's just a guy playing dead on a beach with a big daddy doll, but there's a single second of ultra-fast clips at the end. That...pique... / Continue →
  • June 22, 2011
    Bioshock's Rapture: hands down one of my favorite video game environments to date. "Do you hold hands and kiss a lot?" Dammit -- as in, 'to this point in time', not to wear my letter jacket, moron. This is an impressive build of the underwater city (complete with crashed pla... / Continue →
  • October 5, 2010
    It's not actually water, it's mineral oil. Did you know you can submerge computer components in mineral oil (except spinning drives) for liquid cooling? Because you can do that. What you can't do is take a bath with a power supply. Well not a normal person anyway. It's wha... / Continue →
  • November 22, 2009
    This is an amazing Big Daddy/Little Sister cosplay gallery taken at the Georgia Aquarium courtesy of the amazing talent of Harrison Krix, who made the Big Daddy suit and Little Sister ADAM syringe. He's also the one IN the suit, and that's his fiancee as the Little Sister. Ha... / Continue →
  • November 16, 2009
    This is a three-minute video of a woman reading the tale of Bioshock to a little kid old-ass man as a bedtime story. And, as a guy who recently played through Bioshock with his older brother (with all the lights on, and never after 7PM), I thought it was pretty good. But... / Continue →
  • August 5, 2009
    Even if you were just born this morning you've probably heard of FMyLife. The concept is simple: you make up some cheeselog story about how much your life sucks and then you post it on the internet (which is magic) so people can feel better about how much their lives suck. It... / Continue →