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  • August 21, 2010
    So I'm in Manhattan Beach waiting for some wine and cheese festival to begin (because I'm classy as shit free booze) and thought to myself, "self, you should really go the closest bar and write Geekologie articles until the wine starts flowing. You know, get a head start on th... / Continue →
  • July 5, 2010
    This is a 3:30 war movie made entirely with cardboard weaponry. It's incredibly well made though. Granted not as good as Saving Private Ryan or Band of Brothers, but if you expected it to be you obviously have zero grasp on reality. This video took about a month and a half o... / Continue →
  • May 14, 2010
    Note: Video is after the jump. This is a little video of a mini cannon that's scarcely bigger than my wiener but packs an awful punch. Well, not an actual punch -- it's a cannon not a fist silly! Hit the jump to see the thing destroying a soda can, light bulb and beer mug, s... / Continue →
  • May 8, 2010
    The U.S. Special Forces is all set to test the new XM-25 Individual Airburst 'Smart Gun' this summer. And you all know what that means: I actually have no idea what that means. The gun fires a 25-millimeter "smart round" that can be detonated at pre-programmed distance, sprea... / Continue →
  • May 5, 2010
    NOTE: Hit the jump for the video. And I encourage you to make a noise when you do it and tell the rest of us what it sounded like in the comments. The one I made sounded like one of those slide-y doors on Star Trek. If you're a longer short-time reader of Geekologie and not ... / Continue →
  • April 9, 2010
    Remember the chocolate weaponry we featured awhile ago? Well now the same company is manufacturing weapon soap. Probably from the same molds as the chocolate. I'd still wash my mouth out with it. Also, b-hole. Don't act like you've never lost one of those little seashell s... / Continue →
  • March 27, 2010
    This is a music slash video tribute to 'The Man With The Gun', arguably the most influential character in video games. It was created by PRESS PLAY ON TAPE and features a shit-ton of gaming references. Me? I feature striking good looks and a personality that would make Myers ... / Continue →
  • January 1, 2010
    Chocolate Weapons is a website that sells chocolate handguns, bullets and grenades. You can get a hollow gun for $25 or a solid one for $30. Alternatively, for $6 I'll beat you within an inch of your life with a Snickers. Just offerin'. Chocolate Weapons via Chocolate guns ... / Continue →
  • December 17, 2009
    Have you ever seen a better reason to have children? I haven't. These strollers, designed by Chinese artist Shi Jinsong, are just the thing to give your little tyke a head start on surviving the zombie/robotic apocalypses. Which, according to my calculations, may actually ta... / Continue →
  • December 15, 2009
    Some girl was on her way to Jerusalem to see where Jesus grew up and hang out with some friends but got the 3rd degree (like burns!) from Israel border security, who ultimately decided the only way in was with three bullets in her Mac. *pew pew pew* goes border security! I we... / Continue →