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  • September 22, 2014
    This is the Kickstarter for Silent Night Of The Living Dead, a zombie themed nativity scene featuring Mary and Joseph fighting off zombie wise men and a shepherd boy to protect precious baby Jesus. Donating £50 (~$82) will get you a set in time for Christmas this year if they ... / Continue →
  • December 24, 2010
    Yes, that's really my local liquor store. Yes, they really open at six every morning. Yes, I've been there when they unlock the door. HAAAAAAAAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Hope you're all having a great break and haven't sleighed(!!!!!!!!11) any relatives yet. I came close to braining a... / Continue →
  • December 3, 2010
    This is a nativity made entirely out of meat. Okay, and some hash browns and pretzel sticks. I particularly love how all the wise men are wearing tin-foil helmets. Star of Bethlehem: miraculous sign or alien spacecraft. Only baby Jesus knows for sure, and he's not talking. ... / Continue →
  • November 16, 2010
    What better way to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus than with a million-dollar advent calendar designed by Porsche? Singing Christmas carols and spreading good cheer? Don't make me laugh. Standing two meters tall and rendered from brushed aluminum, the "calendar" looks more... / Continue →