R/C Car Does 100MPH Right Out Of The Box

This is Traxxas' new 1/7-scale electric XO-1, the first ready-to-run (no assembly required) R/C car capable of doing a real (not scale) 100MPH fresh out of the...
December 2, 2011

Mirrorcycle Blends Into Surroundings (Poorly)

Moto Undone (just like the top few buttons of my blouse!) is a conceptual electric motorcycle designed by Joey Ruiter. When seen from a blurry ant's-eye-view, the...
November 8, 2011

All-Electric Deloreans Coming In 2013?

Desktop worthy full-res picture HERE and interior dash HERE. In 1995 Texas entrepreneur Stephen Wynne bought the rights to the Delorean Motor Company and a warehouse of...
October 17, 2011