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  • September 3, 2013
    This is the dash-cam footage of a car traveling Taiwan's Badouzi Coastal Park when heavy rains trigger a landslide (you can see the top right side of the hill give way at 0:03) that ends with a giant f***ing boulder nearly crushing a car. Amazingly, the mud and water that hit... / Continue →
  • August 28, 2012
    Note: VERY worthwhile (and potentially mind-blowing) higher-res version HERE. I think I saw an alien! This is a shot of Mount Sharp, near Curiosity's original landing zone, taken while focusing the rover's 100mm camera-on-a-stick. I know it looks like the Arizona desert, but... / Continue →
  • February 10, 2012
    Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert, two of the men behind some of the best point-and-click adventure games of all time including LucasArts classics (and personal favorites) Monkey Islands, Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango, raised about $1-million in 24 hours with a Kickstarter pr... / Continue →
  • January 19, 2012
    Want a poster-size print of yourself riding a dinosaur? Of course you do, it's like every child's grown man's dream. Well it is mine at least. And now thanks to Dinoprints, you won't have to do the Photoshopping yourself! $50 gets a 24" x 36" print of yourself riding a t-re... / Continue →
  • December 22, 2011
    This is a rendering of Link and some of his various swords/weapons (more after the jump) created by LEGO/Zelda lover Michael Inglis. Michael has actually been 3-D printing his own Zelda accessories for awhile, but hopes LEGO and Nintendo might rub butts in the future and produ... / Continue →
  • October 24, 2011
    Not gonna lie, if I were this guy I'd probably be sitting in the dark with a bottle of bourbon right now thinking long and hard about ending it all. "Sooooooooooo...a typical Monday night?" You commenters did this to me. Seriously? This October 21st 2011 Euromillions Ticket ... / Continue →
  • October 3, 2011
    SPOILER ALERT: Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father. Or uncle. I don't know, I've never seen Star Trax! This is a video of 4-year Faris watching the "no, I am your father" scene in 'The Empire Strikes Back' for the first time. His reaction is priceless. Mine? Mine was t... / Continue →
  • May 24, 2011
    The FPSRussia guy is back, this time shooting a rooty tooty fresh'n fruity fully automatic 40mm machine gun. On a 1-to-10 scale of pews, this thing is like a 14. Which, not to brag or anything, is the same age I saw my first tit. Sure it was scrambled on Cinemax and I'm pret... / Continue →
  • March 25, 2011
    This is a dirty Princess Peach figure from Entertainment Earth (pre-order, $120). Think 'Precious Moments', then forget everything you know about Precious Moments and think Princess Peach sitting on a giant phallic mushroom with a face that's kissing her privates. What in the... / Continue →
  • February 25, 2011
    Not gonna lie, probably wouldn't wave my hand in front of it for less than $20. Seen here looking at least partially constructed out of tin-foil, the Navy has made a breakthrough in the laser department, creating a free-electron laser (FEL) capable of producing a sustained 500... / Continue →
  • February 21, 2011
    Period Panties are $12 colored skivvies for ladies to wear while they're on their monthly emotion-fest so they don't ruin a pair of frilly lace ones. Or something. Honestly, I don't know anything about women and only learned last week vaginas aren't oriented sideways like I a... / Continue →
  • February 9, 2011
    Remember the time we went to that Japanese restaurant with a monkey waiter? Ha, how could you forget -- he wouldn't stop throwing turds at us the entire dinner service! I Yelped about it. Well now the restaurant's proprietors have added a creepy female mask, wig and schoolgi... / Continue →
  • January 25, 2011
    This is a video of some crazy Ruski (I can tell by the video quality and general disregard for life) who sets up a camera and then lies perfectly still between the train tracks while a locomotive (CHOO CHOO!) passes over him. Now I'm not saying dude doesn't have a lot to live ... / Continue →
  • January 25, 2011
    Alternatively, the virgin suicides. Get it? Nobody wanted to hit that! C3POsuicides is a website that creates pictures and videos of everyone's (except this pervert) least favorite droid doing himself in. It updates every Tuesday with a new series but is just now getting of... / Continue →
  • January 12, 2011
    This is a series of eyeball closeups taken by Suren Manvelyan. Why anybody would want to take a bunch of freaky macro eyeball pictures is beyond me, but I suspect Suren is trying to steal souls. WHAT THE HELL KIND OF POTIONS ARE YOU MIXING, WIZARD?! Hit the jump for a ton mo... / Continue →
  • January 7, 2011
    Looks like the Empire Struck HIS Back. ZA-ZA-ZA-ZING! Not to be outdone by somebody's me-maw with a penchant for twinkly, twinky vampires, this guy went and got a back-covering Star Wars tattoo. As you can see, it's more Empire-inspired and includes characters like Megatron,... / Continue →
  • January 6, 2011
    This is a video of a woman's stomach with what I can only assume is a full-sized 8-year old inside desperately trying to force its way out. VIDEO CANNOT BE UNSEEN. If you don't want to watch it (which I recommend not), I'll now describe the scene as poetically as possible: HO... / Continue →
  • December 27, 2010
    I'd never heard the term "human ivory" before, and I'm gonna be honest, I'm kind of wishing I still hadn't. In case you couldn't tell from the picture, it's human finger and toenail clippings. Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna go puke, wash my face and get myself together aga... / Continue →
  • November 17, 2010
    Remember yesterday's biggest Harry Potter fan? Well here's the world's biggest Twilight fan. Can you see her? SHE'S THE ONE WEARING A F***ING WEDDING DRESS STANDING NEXT TO A WEREWOLF WITH A TUXEDO DRAWN ON. Seriously, this video is so full of sadness I don't know where to ... / Continue →
  • November 16, 2010
    Note: 3:00 of insane fanboydom after the jump. This is a video of some 20-something crackpot wizard trying to win Moviefone's 'Biggest Harry Potter Fan' contest. Dude even changed his name to Harry Potter. I'm not gonna lie, he sounds like a shoe-in. Also, a sock-out, becau... / Continue →