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  • April 24, 2010
    We've all been there: you're setting up a up a new computer, you get a little distracted and next thing you know, BAM! -- you're experimenting sexually with a mess of tangled cables. Unfortunately, I didn't have the sense to shape them into something first. And it was still a... / Continue →
  • December 28, 2009
    You ever been trying to vacuum that disgusting shit that collects in your couch cushions but not been able to reach without extra cord or (god forbid) unplugging the vacuum and plugging it in to a closer outlet? Well say goodbye to that problem, provided you're cool cutting a ... / Continue →
  • November 24, 2009
    Ever wanted a couch with USB storage in it? Me neither, but now that I know it exists I must have it! And I better not lose data like pocket change. The sofas were made by creative design studio Cabracega for last year's International Festival for the Post-Digital Creation C... / Continue →
  • October 13, 2009
    Craighton Berman may or may not own stock in an extension cord company (I think he does), but he did design the Coil Lamp, a lamp constructed of an acrylic frame around which you wrap a 100' electric cord. When fully-assembled, the Coil Lamp is a striking addition to any room... / Continue →
  • May 17, 2009
    This is another video of students from the Polish Wroclaw University of Technology turning one of their dorms into a giant 12 x 10 four-color display. They play all kind of games and animations, so feel free to skip around and realize just how much time was wasted. The group... / Continue →
  • April 24, 2009
    Ji Woong designed the YI Zipper Headphones in the form factor of a zipper. They were designed to keep your wires tidy and look cool, but the pull even doubles as a volume controller. So now you finally have an excuse to play with your headphones and make zipper noises. Rub y... / Continue →
  • April 24, 2009
    A Detroit woman's life was saved when a shot fired at her was deflected by the underwire in her bra, leaving her with only minor injuries. The woman, who lives on the west side of Detroit, had seen the youths breaking into the house next door while her neighbour was away. Pol... / Continue →
  • March 14, 2009
    Donald Kenny gets bored at work. REALLY bored. So what does he do? Sneak out the back? Play video games? Surf Facebook incessantly like a normal person? No. He makes Mario Kart sculptures using office supplies. As you can see, this is a paper clip and wire Mario. Good ... / Continue →
  • August 27, 2008
    The Hacked! USB Drive is actually a 2GB flash drive that just looks like a frayed USB cable. ZOMG, people will look at that and be so confused! The only thing that could make it better is if, instead of a frayed USB cable, it was a real severed arm complete with tattoos and 4... / Continue →
  • June 26, 2008
    It's a well known fact that USB hubs come in all shapes and sizes, so it was only a matter of time before some company licensed a few Star Wars models. And here they are: R2-D2 and Darth Vader. R2 moves his head from side to side and lights up and makes boopity beep boop nois... / Continue →
  • May 2, 2008
    I don't have much information about this steampunky watch, so we'll just make it up as we go along. Let's see, it looks like the designer has a real penchant for coat hangers. Oh, and it looks uncomfortable to wear. That said, I'm sure it's a real attention getter. But most... / Continue →
  • April 25, 2008
    Looking for a nice geeky ring to seal the deal with your special someone? How about these Cat 5 rings? No? Okay, just thought I'd throw it out there. A wedding set for the unconventional! The female ring has a choice of four opaque colors: turquoise, white, orange or black... / Continue →
  • April 18, 2008
    Here at Geekologie we've seen several different products that address wiring, but nothing as wrought iron looking as this thing. The Wirepod is a bendable surge protector that adds a touch of class to an otherwise hideous device. Pretty sexy looking right? It sure is. Well,... / Continue →
  • April 15, 2008
    This is an older video of a tether car doing 200+ MPH on a circular track. At first I thought the guy in the video was participating in a bat-spin race, but then I realized he was whipping the car around to get it started. Watch the video till the end to see the thing really ... / Continue →
  • January 9, 2008
    I'm just kidding, the Powerblock is kind of growing on me. As you can see it's a powerstrip that's hidden inside a, um, I'm just going to call it a geometric figure. When implemented, you no longer have to see your damn cords sprawled out all over the place. Lets face it -- nob... / Continue →