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  • January 6, 2015
    This is a series of photos by photographer Shannon Cottrell of the Sailor Moon themed wedding between Michelle Nguyen and her now husband. I don't really know a lot about Sailor Moon because my mom never let me watch it because she was afraid I'd fall in love with a cartoon ch... / Continue →
  • May 27, 2014
    These are a bunch of shots from Meredith Fahey and Joshua Votaw's wedding (all taken by photographer Candice Benjamin). It was Harry Potter themed. They both love Harry Potter so much. Just not as much as they love each other, which is why they tied the knot instead of one o... / Continue →
  • May 21, 2013
    This is the Zelda themed Game Boy birthday cake made for *squinting* dammit, ENHANCE PHOTO! Shoot, I still can't read it. Frodzi Wippies? Whatever, the name of who is was made for isn't the point. The point is what the hell is going on with that dude's face on the right? I... / Continue →
  • May 15, 2013
    I swear this is an internet classic that I saw and posted years ago, but after a search I couldn't find it on the site so here it is anyways (or again). This is a video of a bunch of dudes attaching explosives to the ends of giant hammers and then smacking them on the ground. ... / Continue →
  • October 23, 2012
    This is the giant Eye of Sauron wedding cake made by Cake Central member Solociachef21. You know, because pure evil is such a solid wedding theme. It's most noteworthy because of its height, which is very tall. I actually went to a friend's wedding where the cake wasn't even... / Continue →
  • April 2, 2012
    The second season of Game of Thrones returned to boob tubes (and tit-v's) last night and what better way to celebrate the television event THAN WITH A PIZZA PARTY? "I dunno, donning cardboard armor and running around in the front yard poking your friends with a stick?" You, s... / Continue →
  • November 18, 2011
    Unarguably the best screencap of all time. This is a video of some superheroes (and a villain) dancing at a kid's birthday party. It...gets interesting fast. One minute they're all singing happy birthday and the next booties are poppin' and crotches rockin'. Obviously, they... / Continue →
  • June 6, 2011
    I actually have no clue WTF is going on here, but I approve of every last bit of it. Cool Guy of the Day [] Thanks to Mark, who agrees the picture could use some more stormtrooper. ... / Continue →
  • October 1, 2010
    Did I really get drunk at lunch and spend the last two hours asleep on the john? You know I did! And since my brain never recovered from the nap (plus my legs fell asleep and I beat my face on the towel bar standing up), here's a little burlesque cosplay action to end the wee... / Continue →
  • May 7, 2010
    They're my kind of people. You can hit the jump to see the ass-packed uncensored shot if you want. And also to explain to me why there's a bear playing between the preacher's legs. What's that? Oh, right. Why there's a cub playing between the preacher's legs. *zing!* Hi... / Continue →
  • April 29, 2010
    Geekologie Reader and Facebook fan Jasmine, who may or may not have forgotten her son's birthday until the day of, went and made a donut and dinosaur "cake" for the occasion. My God I want it. Right now I'm pretending the donut holes on sticks are actually sails and the whol... / Continue →
  • April 22, 2010
    Note: Hit the jump for the probably NSFW (pasties) uncensored image. I guess the only real question is which one of these ladies to go after first. And I'm gonna have to go with Pikachu. Hit it the jump to use boner. It will be super effective.... / Continue →
  • March 17, 2010
    Google Street View recently spotted a superhero kegger in progress in the Shetland Islands (Scotland). As you can see, the Hulk is about to smash some poor bastard's head in while Captain America and an unknown hero in red share a tender glance, and, as the night wears on, a p... / Continue →
  • May 6, 2009
    Duncan Thomson, 41, and Sammi Gardiner, 39, just got married on Star Wars Day in a Star Wars themed ceremony. And you know what they say about a couple that Star Warses together: they, uh, probably go to conventions and collect action figures? During the wedding, Mr Thomson t... / Continue →