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  • February 29, 2016
    This is a video of John Williams' Imperial March played in a major key. It sounds infinitely less sinister than the original. Now I'm not saying I'm going to make it my wedding song, but I'm not saying I'm not going to throw the idea out there to my future wife either. Relat... / Continue →
  • October 8, 2015
    Sad Topographies is an Instagram account that posts pictures from Google Maps featuring the saddest named places on earth. I feel like I've lived in all of these places. Currently though I feel like I live smack dab between a rock and a red-hot hard place. "Why is it red-hot... / Continue →
  • July 8, 2015
    This is a video of the folks at Rhapsody Records laser-etching an uncooked tortilla to play Jarabe Tapatío (The Mexican Hat Dance). It sounds surprisingly well considering IT'S A TORTILLA. One time I poured a plate of spaghetti and meatballs on my record player and pretended ... / Continue →
  • January 27, 2014
    This is a three and a half minute, ultra slow motion video of a match igniting. In real time matches ignite much quicker. Maybe not as quick as The Flash masturbates, but what is? I've heard he's so fast his penis has actually caught fire before. See how I tied that into th... / Continue →
  • November 26, 2013
    I'd be chirping too if that were me. UPDATE: Apparently faked in some capacity. *shrug* People are such jerks. So apparently if you slow down the sound of crickets chirping to the point where a cricket's lifespan matches that of a human's (no idea how slow that is), it becom... / Continue →
  • April 5, 2013
    This is what Barbie would look like without makeup (plus braces) as imagined by artist Eddi Aguirre. Pretty much exactly like an anti-meth PSA. Personally, I think she looks great both ways. And I'm not just saying that to sound like a man who can always see the inner beauty... / Continue →
  • October 25, 2012
    These are a handful of the winners from Nikon's annual photomicrography (microscope photography) competition. These are some shots of an embryonic black mastiff bat here, but I picked a couple of my other favorites and posted them after the jump. It's worth heading over to th... / Continue →
  • August 1, 2012
    This is a microscopic shot of a bunch of miniature people getting all freaky-deaky on the surface of a semiconductor. *popping popcorn* Man, this is even hotter than a peep show! Of course, there is some chance, albeit small, that they aren't nudists but rather just the po... / Continue →
  • December 1, 2010
    Note: Check the filename if you're really having trouble. Also, never attempt the hidden-picture on the back of a Highlights. I bet Han shot first after all! Get it? Because he's a selfish lover! Greedo Was A... [buzzfeed]... / Continue →
  • October 26, 2010
    Did you know you can make gears out of wood? Same -- I always thought they had to be made out of metal too! But what do I know? I'm just a man who assumes there's a little coal-burning furnace in his laptop's battery. Anyway, wait till Mr. Spacely finds out about this whole... / Continue →
  • September 2, 2010
    In photo: Julia heliconian butterfly egg, top, zebra longwing butterfly egg, bottom. In other impressive photographic news, these are insect eggs as photographed using a scanning electron microscope. Ooh ooh -- do the stuff under my fingernails next. I've always wanted to se... / Continue →
  • April 23, 2010
    They say a picture's worth a thousand words, and based on the image a reader just sent me, those words are "this is my penis" 250 times. Thanks for that, guy. "Right-click, save as" aside, this is photographic evidence Nintendo designed the N-64 to look like a koala's face wh... / Continue →
  • April 19, 2010
    Tribbles, the lovable Star Trek fluffballs best known for turning into Gremlins if you get them wet, aren't just made of a bunch of pubes glued together like I previously thought. No, it turns out they actually have body parts, including, and virtually limited to: sexual organ... / Continue →
  • December 17, 2009
    This is a little gallery of superheroes in not-so-super situations brought to us by Super Not So Super. For example, this is Batman reading the foreclosure notice on his mansion/batcave. Also, his costume looks like shit. You know, I was so inspired by these superheroes doin... / Continue →
  • December 16, 2009
    I'm sure you already knew that no two snowflakes are alike, but did you know most women's breasts are different sizes too? I know, I can't believe it either! Anyway, this is a chart used to classify which shape category a snowflake falls into. I posted a bunch for reference ... / Continue →
  • December 10, 2009
    I thought this was just the cutest thing. You know, many times I've bought bags of shelled peanuts only to find a bunch of the poor bastards cracked open and missing their brains. Who knew it was the secretly the work of zombie nuts? Besides me, I know everything. Go on, as... / Continue →
  • December 9, 2009
    This is a graphic depicting what the internet goes through on a typical day. It's pretty freakin' impressive. But it also made me feel pretty insignificant. Then I realized I'm practically the ringleader of this circus (metaphor magic!) and that's when I removed the hose fro... / Continue →
  • December 7, 2009
    Did you know that every game of Tetris is controlled by a malevolent Tetris god? I didn't. I thought it was controlled by some oldschool Ruskie programming. But what do I know? Besides where you live. And don't even think I won't bat your mailbox -- your parents are gonna ... / Continue →
  • October 29, 2009
    This is a cute pair of twins rocking Mac copy/paste shirts. There's a shot of twin boys after the jump wearing the Microsoft equivalent. Honestly, did you know this was how twins were made? Because I didn't. I just thought you had to do it twice in a row! Hit the jump for... / Continue →
  • May 1, 2009
    If you try to register a website with a .tv domain (country code for Tuvalu) from Godaddy, a pop-up warns you that the island is sinking and recommends you reconsider. I have no idea what this has to do with anything, just thought I'd pass it along in case you were in the mark... / Continue →