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  • October 9, 2012
    Note: Higher res version HERE (save the image to see it even bigger), but go check out the DeviantARTist's page for a Fierce Deity sized version. This is the 'Evolution of Link's Sword' wallpaper created by DeviantARTist BLUEamnesiac. It allegedly contains all swords from the... / Continue →
  • August 16, 2012
    Thank God for that rug tying the room together. Because I'm always looking for excuses to get the cops called to my apartment, PIXERS has released a line of 'bloody splashes' wall murals. They come in over 60 different styles and can be ordered in just about any size and shap... / Continue →
  • September 20, 2010
    Note: There's no way you can possibly see the map so small so click HERE to see the thing in such high resolution several of you may consider making a desktop wallpaper out of the thing. This is the world map according to Street Fighter. Basically it just shows you where al... / Continue →
  • July 7, 2010
    I'm not even gonna lie: I've never made love on an airplane. Something about trying to get it on in the tiny bathroom an overweight businessman just spent twenty minutes vacating the fast food from his bowels in makes my penis want to shrivel up and hide in an overhead bin. B... / Continue →
  • November 17, 2009
    Berry Plastics and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers teamed up to develop X-Flex, a wallpaper with woven Kevlar strong enough to prevent bomb blasts from blowing all your shit up. Nice, but is it Big Bad Wolf proof? That mother can huff and puff! X-Flex works so well that t... / Continue →
  • November 13, 2008
    We've seen light-emitting wallpaper in the past, but that was just conceptual. This fiber optic wallpaper is actually available. Like today, if you have $231 to blow on a roll. There are several color options, but it looks like you're limited to flowers as far as the design ... / Continue →
  • October 9, 2007
    Jonas Samson, who may in fact be the homeless looking vagrant in the picture, has allegedly created light-emitting wallpaper. When in the 'off' position, you've got boring ass wallpaper. When 'on' you've got a funky tree or something and a bird. My only problem with this is,... / Continue →
  • August 15, 2007
    Right when I thought my naked lady wallpaper was the peak of wall design, Hyposurface has to come out with a wall that can react to sound and movement (as well as spell out words, make pictures, etc.). It runs off of compressed air, and based on the video, I'd say that I need ... / Continue →