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  • April 29, 2014
    This is a video from some bros with an extensive DVD collection of Harry Potter battling a Jedi Knight. Who wins? I won't tell you, but why the hell does the Jedi Knight throw his lightsaber at the wizard when he's jumping off the roof at 1:49? That doesn't seem like a very ... / Continue →
  • February 7, 2014
    Well, the football season is over and the Redskins lost -- AGAIN. We came close though. "You only won three games." I'm not even sure if we should be considered a professional team anymore. Maybe a couple years of arena football and we can come back. This is a series of fo... / Continue →
  • June 2, 2011
    Remember the two high school seniors that were suspended for 10 days and threatened with not being able to walk during their graduation ceremony after holding a mock lightsaber duel in the school's cafeteria? Well their principal, who will remain anonymous but whose actual nam... / Continue →
  • May 31, 2011
    This is the second installment of Freddie Wong's 'Jedi A-holes', appropriately titled 'Jedi A-Holes Strike Back'. Get it? Just like the Star Wars sequel! You might not have picked up on that but I've been complimented for my astuteness on several different occasions. Mostly... / Continue →
  • May 10, 2011
    Using the Force -- of persuasion! This is a gallery of a bunch of Star Wars posters in the style of old propaganda war ones. I've seen at least this one and this one before, but the rest were new to me. Well, what do you think? Would they convince you to join a side? Perso... / Continue →
  • March 23, 2011
    Because there are some nutjobs in the world that can't look at an animal without thinking it looks like Yoda (bat here and cat here), here's the latest: a Filipino tarsier. ZIPPTY-ZAP! "Tarsier, not taser." Right, I knew that. It's not clear wether the animal used the Force... / Continue →