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  • October 10, 2013
    Note: Pictures are displaying what you see vs. what you feel. This is a video demonstrating Disney's new 3-D tactile feedback technology that allows a user to feel the texture of displayed objects without the screen actually changing shape. Plus the algorithm renders textures... / Continue →
  • January 14, 2012
    THE SIGN SAYS NO TOUCHING, LADY! This was the coolest thing on display at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Granted I didn't go, but I showed this video (and ONLY this video. Okay, plus a cat one) to a couple friends and they agreed. It's a smart window fro... / Continue →
  • December 14, 2011
    This is a video of a bearded dragon playing Ant Crusher on a smart phone with his tongue. good. It's kind of sad though because he always licks his lips after eating an ant except it never tastes like ant, it tastes like his owner doesn't wash his hands after going to... / Continue →
  • November 9, 2011
    I've got news for you: all t-shirts come with an integrated sunglass wiping cloth -- IT'S CALLED THE BOTTOM. You can even use the inside if you're really fancy. This is the Wipe t-shirt from Japanese clothier fift. It has three microfiber clothes on it to clean your touchscr... / Continue →
  • September 27, 2011
    But I wasn't! Multi-Touchâ„¢ For the second time, Apple was denied a trademark for the term 'multi-touch' by the US Patent and Trademark Office after the Appeal Board upheld the original rejection. God, move on bro -- she doesn't want you! For trademarks, "the greater the d... / Continue →
  • June 7, 2011
    Today at E3 Nintendo announced the 2012 release of its next generation console, the Wii U (great job knocking the 'an even worse name than I expected' ball out of the park, guys). The system will boast controllers with 6.2" high-res touchscreens (and a gyroscope, accelerometer... / Continue →
  • May 2, 2011
    I'm pretty sure that's an animal's penis. You know what the problem with touchscreens are? Nothing. Well, except when you want to use one in the bathtub but can't because your hands are all wet from playing submarine penis hunter or whatever. I sometimes use my touchphone ... / Continue →
  • January 21, 2011
    Seen here NOT DOING HIS F***ING JOB, a San Francisco city employee plays a Yahoo Bus Stop Derby game while on the clock. Web giant Yahoo has installed twenty large touch-screen displays in bus shelters across San Francisco. It's called the Yahoo Bus Stop Derby, commuters ab... / Continue →
  • August 11, 2010
    Japan, best known for freaky sexual fetishes and being hellbent on destroying the planet with robots, is now rolling out these fancy touchscreen vending machines. Hey -- I don't see any panties on that screen! A new touchscreen machine called the aCure has just been installed... / Continue →
  • April 14, 2010
    NOTE: Video is after the jump because it's too shy to hang out on the front page with all you perverts staring at it. This is a video of a cat testing out the new iPad. And from the look of things, he really seems to be enjoying himself. But is that enough to make the iPad w... / Continue →
  • March 5, 2010
    This is a video showing how, by mapping the sound your arm makes when you tap it with a finger, you can turn your whole arm into a touchscreen. A long, hairy touchscreen. We present Skinput, a technology that appropriates the human body for acoustic transmission, allowing the... / Continue →
  • January 19, 2010
    Because music is dead and so are the guinea pigs I had as a child, here's a little demo of the Misa Digital Guitar. No, not Miso. That's a Japanese seasoning, silly! And, not to flex my tubular internet muscles or anything, but I can eat a ball of wasabi the size of a large ... / Continue →
  • November 5, 2009
    Listen, I love standing in the shower watching full-length movies as much as the next water waster (which is why I just had a swimming pool sized hot water heater installed), but what's the matter with a traditional projection setup? I swear, people are always trying to one-up... / Continue →
  • March 13, 2009
    A 17-year old and his family are suing Apple after an iPod Touch allegedly blew up in the sissy's pocket and caused 2nd degree burns. It claims the boy had his i-pod touch off and in his pocket at school on December 4th, when he heard a pop and felt a burning sensation. The ... / Continue →
  • March 2, 2009
    iClean is a 99¢ iPhone/iPod Touch application that makes it look like a dog is lick-cleaning your screen from the inside out. How precious! Currently there are only three lickers available, but more are promised in future updates. I just bought it! Best 99¢ I've ever spe... / Continue →
  • February 24, 2009
    The LG touchscreen G910 watchphone is both watch and cellphone and is actually being made. The drop will start in Europe with a pricetag of £1,000 / €1,144 and then make its way to the states for somewhere between $1,000 and $1,500. So, you willing to pay a cool grand to b... / Continue →
  • February 9, 2009
    The brainiacs at MIT have gone and created a 'sixth sense' device, which is basically a smart phone/camera/projector combo small enough to be worn on your face like my fist. KA-POW! Also, it does stuff, and won't leave you bruised. The device...can turn any surface into a to... / Continue →
  • December 17, 2008
    Okay, so apparently that last pair of gloves I posted for using touchscreen devices suck because your fingers get all cold. Boy was that a stupid product design. But apparently these DOTS gloves will still work AND keep your digits nice and toasty. They work via those magica... / Continue →
  • December 15, 2008
    The $23 Etre Touchy gloves are handwear designed for using your iPhone or other touchscreen device in the harsh months of winter. They're just gloves with the index fingers and thumbs cut off. Which *SPOILER ALERT* you can do yourself to any pair of gloves, even $5 ones. Ha... / Continue →
  • December 11, 2008
    Or is there? I don't know, I'm not good at speculation. But I am good at making shit up. And also, making out. Ladies? According to Trip Chowdhry, an analyst at Global Equities Research, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will announce a Zune-style mobile device during his keynot... / Continue →