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  • October 25, 2013
    This is a video from the Kansas City Maker Faire of a Tesla coil playing AWOLNATION's 'Sail'. It almost sounds like the song was meant to be performed by Tesla coils. It wasn't though, it was meant to be performed in my earbuds when I am pumping iron at the gym AND GETTING F*... / Continue →
  • May 3, 2013
    Wait -- you've got a Portal gun and it's just sitting on the shelf collecting dust? Not cool bro. Just in time for the release of Iron Man 3 *shrug*, this is a video of Caleb from Hackaday showing off the 80,000-volt Thor hammer he built out of a tesla coil and foam. It can ... / Continue →
  • November 5, 2012
    This is a video of two guys standing atop Tesla coils wearing Faraday suits and battling each other with electricity at the recent Belfast Festival at Queens in Ireland. I don't know who the hell told them you're supposed to fight electricity with electricity, but I would have... / Continue →
  • March 14, 2012
    This is a video of two Tesla coils going at it hillbilly backwoods style and performing 'Dueling Banjos'. Which one wins? Neither, they were both unplugged immediately afterward and spent the next four months collecting dust in the corner of some dude's garage. Not gonna lie... / Continue →
  • May 27, 2010
    Note: Video is after the jump due to its electrifying nature. You know, or to keep scripts on the front page to a minimum. This is a rendition of the Dr. Who theme as performed on Tesla coils at the recent Makers Faire in San Mateo, CA. I'd make love to it -- aaaand a Victor... / Continue →
  • December 18, 2009
    How can you look at that preview and NOT watch the video? You'd have to be out of your mind. Or unable to watch videos at work. You know, that might be something you want to consider before taking your next job. Which, funny story: you're fired. Youtube Thanks to Camolai,... / Continue →
  • March 18, 2009
    This is some guy testing his new Faraday suit with a Tesla coil playing the Imperial March. It looks like fun. And by fun I mean this guy is nuts. I don't care how harmless it is, you just don't go messing around with something that looks that much like lightning. Reminds m... / Continue →
  • August 5, 2008
    Well we've seen Tesla coils making music before, and we've even seen a pretty wicked plasma speaker, and now -- a Tesla coil guitar amp. Unfortunately, I don't have any more information on the thing, so I'll make some up. The device was actually constructed by the thunder god... / Continue →
  • November 9, 2007
    There have been musical Tesla coils in the past (even ones that play part of the Super Mario Bros theme from the underworld), but until now I've never seen two together playing the entire Super Mario theme. The music that you hear is coming from the sparks that these two iden... / Continue →
  • June 20, 2007
    Ever seen a Tesla coil make music before? You have now. This is a solid state musical Tesla coil. Tesla coils normally operate at a frequency inaudible to human ears, but the musical Tesla coil produces sound by rapidly turning on and off at audible frequencies. Similar to how ... / Continue →