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  • February 4, 2011
    Lyndon Baty has polycystic kidney disease, leaving him with "virtually no immune system". FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. For the last year, he's been unable to have any social contact with friends and peers (besides Faceybooks). But now, thanks to a robotic "avatar" on wheels, he attends ... / Continue →
  • January 25, 2011
    Remember Telenoid R1, the teleconferencing robot that "recreates the physical presence of a remote user"? Well now the humanoid's creator is imagining miniature versions being used as cell phones. GTFO of here with that crazy-talk, nutjob! ...if Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of... / Continue →
  • December 14, 2010
    Want a phone that can send and receive a touch/blow/kiss? "ABSOLUTELY!" Haha, not that kind of blow. "What a piece of shit!" I'm with you. Just wait till you hear how it works. It's pretty nasty, yo. The first phone replicates touch by using a small motor attached to a c... / Continue →
  • November 4, 2010
    Oh I'm sorry -- did I catch you just getting out of the shower again? Don't worry, I'll look away (as soon as I hit record on my webcam), I swear. Hey -- and what's up with all the BEEP BOOP BOP-ing in the background? WHY IS THAT TRASHCAN IN YOUR BEDROOM?! A University of A... / Continue →