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  • March 23, 2009
    'Ghost in the Machine' is a series of artwork by Flickr user iri5 that uses old cassette tapes (or film) to create the likenesses of famous musicians/actors. Pretty clever. Not as clever as jumping off the top of the apartment building with a parachute fashioned from a 13-ga... / Continue →
  • January 5, 2009
    Well folks, it's official: VHS is dead. Let your grandparents down easy. And also, try to hint about fumigating their place -- it smells like old people and socks in there. Even though most of us probably thought it was already long gone, its death certificate was signed whe... / Continue →
  • July 24, 2008
    Brian Dettmer is a man. With a vision. A vision, possibly blurry, of a melted cassette tape skeleton. Brian reached for the stars, and while he didn't make it past tall buildings, he did manage to melt a bunch of cassettes into a skeleton. Congratulations Brian, it looks go... / Continue →
  • June 27, 2008
    Some designers over at Transparent House have come up with a pretty clever way of recycling old cassette tapes. Not as clever as shooting them off your fence from the back porch, but still pretty clever. They're making lamps. That's right, lamps. You know, illumination devi... / Continue →
  • June 2, 2008
    The AOS Cassette Face Watch costs about $70 and looks like a cassette. It also tells time. No way. Yes way. No way! Yes way! But who needs to tell time anyways? Time is old fashioned and not the sun. I suggest we get rid of time altogether and any hot and spicy female r... / Continue →
  • April 7, 2008
    This $25 tape dispenser looks like a cassette. A cassette tape! How very clever of someone. You can choose a red or green label, and both models dispense a long, thin, sticky plastic film (aka tape). I like it, it's got old school flair. If I didn't already steal six tape ... / Continue →
  • October 24, 2007
    The MIXA is a 1GB USB drive that looks like a cassette tape. It takes this idea to the next level. You got to the MIXA website and use some graphic creation software to design a custom sticker for each side of the tape, along with a sleeve to store the drive in. It costs $40... / Continue →
  • August 27, 2007
    Arthur Wu, who is clearly a bread heating genius, has designed the Toasty Single Serving Toaster. It looks like a cross between a cassette tape player and an appliance from the 50's, which makes it awesome. It may only heat one piece of bread at a time, but who cares, it has ... / Continue →