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  • September 15, 2010
    The Dell Inspiron Duo: not only are it's initials D.I.D., its a netbook and tablet all in one thanks to a swivel screen. Technology! Ten dollars says I break it the fist week. Fist week? Foot month! Boy, did Dell show just off the craziest device on stage at Intel's IDF 20... / Continue →
  • January 27, 2010
    Finally, we can all sleep at night having seen Apple's new tablet, the iPad. That's right, iPad (after taking a hint from the old Mad TV sketch). The first-gen tablet is 0.5 inches thin, 1.5 lbs, and has a 9.7" multi-touch screen. It will be powered by Apple's own 1GHz A4 ch... / Continue →
  • January 26, 2010
    So Apple's gonna announce their tablet tomorrow. That's exciting. And these are allegedly a couple leaked pictures of the thing a whole day early. Boners all around! And, because I love you, I'll post real pictures tomorrow if you're like following this sort of thing. But,... / Continue →
  • January 13, 2010
    This is a little graphic depicting the likelihood of various features on the upcoming Apple tablet. Of course, you can't read that one for shit so click HERE to see the thing in all its high-res glory, glory, hallelujah. So, what do you think, is it gonna have all that stuff?... / Continue →
  • January 2, 2008
    The Modbook from Axiotron is the only Apple-authorized Mac tablet available, and it just began shipping. It's basically a Macbook coupled with Wacom's pen-sensitive digitizer technology. "The Modbook will come pre-loaded with Mac OS X Leopard and is powered by either a 2GHz o... / Continue →